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JKLU’s Institute of Management organized a Special Invited Talk themed “Leadership in the World of Organizations” on November 26, 2021. The key speakers of the session were Dr. Sebastian Morris, Professor – IIM-Ahmedabad & Goa Institute of Management and Dr. Sushil Khanna, Professor – IIM-Calcutta. Theme of the session was planned to orient the management students about the emerging organizations in 21st century and relevance of individual leadership in making it successful. Dr. Morris emphasized the fact that management ability in individuals is innate and emerges with the  given situation. Highlighting the challenges faced by present day organizations, he connected the importance of leadership in creating organizations. Taking the discussion further Dr Khanna highlighted the role of leadership in not only creating but sustaining organizations. He highlighted the ability of reinventing the wheel of growth is key and role of autonomy and authority is vital in sustaining organizations in fast changing world. The talk was well illustrated with numerous examples from the world of business. The session was enriching and added new perspective on management, organizations, and leadership. Assistant Director IM, faculty members-IM along with 100 plus students of BBA and MBA program attended the session. The session concluded with a vote of thanks proposed by Dr. Upasana Singh, Assistant Professor, IM.

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