Admission started for 2020


A webinar was held on ‘The useful robots & AI beyond Sci-Fi, and how everyone can contribute”. On May 15, 2020. The speaker for the session was   Dr. Amit Kumar Pandey, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Chief Science Officer (CSO) at Hanson Robotics Limited Greater Paris. His research interest falls at the intersections of People, Society and Robotics & AI. He explores towards the social innovation of such new technologies to address some of the societal needs.
Dr. Pandey brings his integral background in AI, robotics, and social interaction to accelerate the development of the Hanson AI platform powering the intelligence and interactive personalities of the company’s robots and virtual AI characters. He also leads the development of commercial AI and robot solutions for media, research, service, and home applications. The webinar was coordinated by Dr. Sonal Jain

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