Admission started for 2020


Centre for Communication and Critical Thinking (CCCT), JK Lakshmipat University organised a Webinar on “The Story of Making of Our Constitution” on August 13, 2020 at 4 pm. Speaker of the session was Ms. Vinita Singh, Managing Trustee of We, The People Abhiyaan (NGO). The Webinar started with opening remarks by Dr R.L. Raina, Hon. Vice-Chancellor, JKLU. He talked about the role of CCCT in instilling constitutional values in our students. Speaker shared the remarkable journey of the making of our constitution. Speaker explains how our Constitution is based on human values of equality, fraternity and liberty and how our Constitution Assembly was diverse be it gender-wise or religion-wise. She emphasized that ours was truly a people’s constitution which ensured universal adult franchise to all its citizens.
Session was made engaging and interactive by taking students’ questions. In the end, the speaker asked students to take responsibility to uphold constitutional values and become an active citizen. She said, “We must protect it and live according to the constitution”. Vote of thanks was proposed by Assistant Director CCCT Dr Richa Mishra. The session was moderated and coordinated by Ms Shraddha Bharatiya, Lecturer CCCT. It was attended by 148 students and faculty members on Zoom and 139 people via Facebook Live.

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