Admission started for 2020


Teacher’s Day was organised by JKLU’s Student Council under the guidance of Dr. Richa Sharma & Dr. Sarita Gupta on 5th Sep ‘21, in virtual mode and in the presence of Vice-Chancellor Prof Dheeraj Sanghi and teaching staff across branches. The Event was a part of one of the two-day teacher’s appreciation initiative by JKLU, the first day being dedicated to JKLU faculty, for their selfless contribution in the career and life of students. The event attracted over 60 students and started with a welcome note delivered by the main host’s for the event, Bismanpreet Singh & Shruti Jain, and was followed by the melodious voice of Prakhya Kant. In the later phase students prepared two games that made every teacher laugh and participate actively.
The 2nd day was dedicated to appreciation of Teachers from different schools across Jaipur. Led by Dr Pankaj Sharma, JKLU’s Admissions Team reached out to the best schools of Jaipur and asked their alumni to nominate who they wanted to be honoured. 16 Schools participated in the event which saw the presence of 8 Principals and 22 Teachers. Every visiting faculty was impressed with the way they were honoured and treated and went back with very fond memories. Most said was a first-time experience for them.

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