Admission started for 2020

  • Business Conclave : St. Xavier’s college organised Business Conclave (Jaipur’s biggest Business event) on March 9 & 10, 2021 at Xaviers Hathori Fort Campus (Offline). JKLU secured a position in every competition held in the event (6/6). The team members were Saket Manihar, Rishit Agarwal, Manasvi Chobdar, Manvi Sharma, Vardhman Nahata, Prasuk Jain. The team was led by Bisman Singh. JKLU won I position in multiple activities such as CASE STUDY ANALYSIS ; MARKETING MAESTROS; THE TALENT RECRUITERS, II Position was secured by Bisman Singh in MOCK PARLIAMENT (A mock session of parliament where students were allotted ministry and were supposed to do an intensive parliamentary session on bills and Budget). There were two Special awards for outstanding participation / Best team & Strepreneur. Team JKLU won the BEST TEAM AWARD (Maximum participation and awards). Manvi Sharma won Best strupreneur of the year (most impactful performance).🎖️JKLU bagged a total of 17/20 medals. JKLU was the most talked team in the event and even the head Father of the convent congratulated & conveyed his warm regards to the Vice Chancellor of JKLU
  • “Soft Tech-Hack 2021”: Vanshika Sharma & Samyak Bhagat from B.Tech. Batch 2018-22 bagged the Runner Up position in the National Level “Soft Tech-Hack 2021” sponsored by Rajasthan Technical University, Kota, and organized by Anand International College of Engineering on March 9 & 10, 2021. The students from team Data Pirates developed a project aimed at an analytics system based on Named Entity Recognition for PDF documents stating Corporate Actions released by the companies.
  • letter of Recommendation: We are proud of Bisman Preet Singh, who is not just active in the University, but is successfully creating his identity outside as well. He received a letter of recommendation and appreciation from St. Xavier’s college for his outstanding contribution and demonstrating exceptional leadership skills in a Business Conclave.
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