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Session on ” Things I wish I knew in Design School” was held on August 20, 2020. The Expert for the session was Ms. Sunandini Basu (Soo Basu) .Sunandini  is a part of the Microsoft Edge Design leadership, and has also led the Acrobat Design team, Adobe . She has a Bachelors’ degree in Animation Film Design from NID, Ahmedabad and a Masters in Interaction Design from K3, Malmö. Aditionally, she has also worked as a designer and design champion at popular dotcoms, usability consultancy and animation production studios. Sunandini Basu shared her thoughts on activities and mindsets that help a design student to grow and properly train for the professional environment. Through a series on anecdotal events, visual storytelling tools and examples ranging from professional to personal work experiences, Sunandini Basu’s presentation documented the trajectory of growth of a designer’s mind, the challenges faced while training, along with approaches that help one to achieve success.

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