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A session on the theme “Communicate to Win”, as a part of Pre-orientation Engagement Session Series, was conducted by Dr. Vijaylakshmi on 3 Aug 2021, which aimed at providing students with an opportunity to learn effective communication not only by being a good communicator but also by being an influencer, persuader and a perfect representative of self. Ms Anushree Dixit conducted a pre-orientation session for the upcoming batch of 2021 on ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’ on August 5, 2021, the objective of which was to help students realize the power of positive thinking during the VUCA times and also utilize it to enhance their professional management skills. A webinar was conducted by Ms Shraddha Bharatiya for incoming BBA and MBA students on 10th Aug 2021 on the theme “Joy of Learning : Developing Learning Agility”, which focused on why we need to develop learning agility, what are some of the obstacles in learning process and how we can become better learners. The speaker provided examples as well as tips and techniques of becoming better learners and emphasized on the importance of developing a growth mindset.

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