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Session on Systems Engineering was conducted on January 18, 2021. The speaker of the session was Dr. Janet Allen, John and Mary Moore Chair of Engineering Co-Director, Systems Realization Laboratory at the University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma, USA, PhD University of California at Berkeley. Systems Engineering is an interdisciplinary approach to enable the realization of successful systems by satistfying the needs of customers, users and other stakeholders. The speaker explained it with an example of rural development in a village in extreme poverty in India, Kudagoan, Odisha and her work with the Dr. Ashok Das and the social entrepreneurs at SunMoksha to determine how to address the multiple problems in the village. She showcased how Possible feasible interventions were considered in the context of People, Planet and Progress and how feasible interventions with the dilemma triangle construct to help us understand the interrelated drivers of FOOD, WATER and ENERGY and the recommended solar powered microgrid has been implemented.  The session was co-ordinated by Dr Sonal Jain.

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