Admission started for 2020


Prof. MP Poonia, Vice chairman AICTE inaugurates the 2 day Masterclass on “Experiential and Project Based Learning in Engineering Education” at JK Lakshmipat University. The masterclass is by Dr. Siddhartan Govindasamy from Olin College of Engineering, Boston. Siddhartan did all his higher education, BS, MS, and PhD at MIT, USA.

We have more than 50 external faculty participants from many universities and colleges.

Hope this Masterclass will help forwarding the transformation of engineering education in India.JKLU is committed to transform the education for our students and also help other institutes in achieving their goals.

Participants not only learnt about the principles and nuts and bolts of Project Based learning from Olin, one of the world leaders in undergraduate engineering education, but also saw firsthand implementation at JKLU and interacted with faculty and students at JKLU engaged in this.


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