Admission started for 2020


The JKLU Community Development Club initiated its step towards Swachh Bharat awareness drive to contribute and support government in its ambitious project. To strengthen the reach and impact of the activity the club collaborated with Jaipur Heritage Nagar Nigam. The activity was launched by Mayor, Jaipur Heritage Nagar Nigam, Ms. Munesh Gurjar on February 22, 2021. Under this association the students of JKLU will carry out survey to identify inhibiting and enabling factors amongst the general public towards maintaining cleanliness in the city. The students would also undertake various approach to generate awareness towards cleanliness at various locations of Jaipur collaboratively. The inauguration was followed by exclusive interaction of Mr. Ashish Srivastava, Deputy Commissioner-Health, Jaipur Nagar Nigam Heritage with student members of JKLU- Community Development Club. He invited students’ ideas on the agenda and encouraged them to make Swachh Bharat awareness drive loud and impactful. Students actively participated in brainstorming and sharing their ideas on workable approach to spread the message on the agenda. The event was participated by 25 students representing all the 3 institutes of JKLU i.e. Institute of Management, Institute of Engineering and Institute of Design. The event was coordinated by CDC mentors Dr. Upasana Singh and Mr. Divanshu Jain.

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