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With the advancements we are seeing in the world today, the traditional methods of education are going to fall redundant in the coming years. Technological developments are such, that businesses are compelled to review their products, processes, organisation structures, and the role of human resource with much more scrutiny over the past half-a-decade than ever before. To understand the role of technology in jobs and the impact on students, we must first acknowledge that we are most likely witnessing what many call the “The Fourth Revolution”. What this means is that if history and recent research on AI, automation, Data Science and so on are any indicative of what is to become of the work scenario in next couple of decades, technology is likely to create more jobs than take away. It is like a report commissioned by Lyndon Johnson in the 1960s, which said “technology destroys jobs, but not work”.

Please find here link for full article by Asheesh Gupta published in  the knowledge review magazine .


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