Admission started for 2020


Led by Prof. Gustavo Sanchez, students of MTech – Automation and Robotics, Harsh Kadia and Srijan R. Thakur, presented ‘Fuzzy Control using Python and Node-Red : Application to Truck backer-upper problem’ in the National Symposium and Research Colloquium, organized by IEEE SB GCE and IEEE IA/IE/PELS Jt. Chapter Kerala, in Sep ‘21. In this work, a new fuzzy control framework, based on a Python kernel and Node-RED platform, is proposed. To illustrate its performance, it is applied to solve the truck backer-upper problem, which is a well-known complex non-linear benchmark. A Node-Red dashboard is used to setup and launch simulations. Truck state variables are also displayed in this dashboard, so that the user can assess controller performance. The fuzzy inference system is designed using Python libraries (Skfuzzy). Modbus TCP/IP protocol was used for communication between the simulation system and the Node-Red platform. In future, it is expected this framework will be used to interact with a real autonomous vehicle.

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