Admission started for 2020


Sessions of the Series “Igniting the Joy Engineering” on Computational Data Analysis and “Igniting the Joy Engineering” on Calculus and Applied Mechanics, were conducted by Dr Sonal Jain, Dr Umesh Gupta, Dr Richa Sharma, Dr Jaya Gupta, Dr Rajlakshmi Nayak, Shri H P Agrawal and Dr J P Sharma. The former session briefed about execution of three cycles of the course titled Computational Data Analysis which included teaching computational analysis of data based on Principles of Linear Algebra & Statistics and learning and utilizing Python as a programming language. The latter included teaching basic elements of calculus and mechanics through some engineering projects. The application of multivariable calculus in civil and mechanical engineering was highlighted and the audience was appraised on how the course equips students with essential domain knowledge of calculus and applied mechanics in solving basic engineering problems.

The highlight of the Webinar on “Introduction to Internet of Things : Deep Dive into the Fascinating World of IoT” was a panel discussion with Dr V Balaji, Founder and Director of Radiance Technology Research Pvt Ltd, Coimbatore , a renowned industry expert on IoT and had co-panleists in Prof Gustavo Sanchez, Dr. S . Taruna and Dr Devika Kataria, who discussed about various domains where IoT could be useful and deliberated on the various types  of projects , start up opportunities,  as well as the career opportunities, in the field of IoT. Connected technologies of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Radio and 5G were also discussed.

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