Admission started for 2020


JKLU’s Centre for Communication and Critical Thinking organized a workshop titled ‘5WARAJ Workshop on Sustainability: Bhaashaa, Bhojan, Bhesh, Bhavan, Bhajan’ on the November 20, 2021. About 105 students attended the workshop held by Ar. Gaurav Shorey, with 50 students attending in person. The workshop interrogated the notion of Swaraj as ‘Self-Resplendence’ against the context of Sustainability. Using interactive exercises students located the uniqueness of the culture of their home region. This was undertaken by self-reflective exercises and making the students contact their elders and friends to answer questions about Language, Food, Clothing, Dance & Dwellings. While engaging with notions of production and consumption, students were encouraged to inculcate belief in their own self and community to find localized solutions to the issues of climate change and global warming. The students were also made aware of the Inter-University courses on sustainability that 5waraj organizes with foreign universities in Germany and Australia. They were briefed about the process of application for prospective participants.

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