Admission started for 2020

M.Tech. in Embedded Systems and IoT (Commenced from 2021)

The graduates of M. Tech. (ES& IoT) at JKLU will be able to:

  • Conceive, design, implement, and manage physical computing systems by using principles of computer engineering, industrial automation, data analytics and state of the art components and tools.
  • Serve in fields of consumer electronics, automobile, mechatronics, industrial automation, IT and engineering services, education, research, etc.


Embedded systems and Internet of Things demand in India is growing rapidly due to launch of Smart City and Digital India Projects. Companies like Aksh Optifiber, Tata Elexis, L&T InfoTech, Capgemini, Cognizant, and government organizations like CDAC. hire Embedded & IoT Engineers, in addition to the various startup companies. The work involves firmware and hardware development, cloud analytics and deploying Machine Learning for predictions, making mobile Apps for visualization. Hands-on practice on designing gateways, operation management, data management, implementing security in networks are desirable.

There are various Multinational companies in India who are designing Embedded systems and IoT devices of various applications like health monitoring, agriculture efficiency boosting, automation and control, transport and automotive, entertainment and consumer electronics, wearable and lifestyle devices.

Our MTech. (Embedded Systems and IoT) focusses on developing competencies in the following areas:

  • Domain Knowledge- Instrumentation, Embedded Systems, IoT Architecture & Protocols, IoT Security & Reliability Additional Skills in Technologies-, Cloud & Edge Computing, Big Data Analytics
  • Job roles: System Design, Software developer, Validation and Testing, IoT and Digital Solution provider, Product developer, Real Time software engineer.
  • Eligibility: B.Tech. in any branch. M.Sc. in Math, Physics, Statistics, Computer Science, Information Tech, Operations Research, Instrumentation


  • (A) The following are the specific features of this program
    1. Curriculum has been designed for competencies required for Embedded systems and IoT Engineers to develop solutions for IoT and use the data for visualization, machine learning and predictive analysis.
    2. Electives have been provided to bridge to career for doctorate studies in Embedded systems and IoT engineering
    3. Industry Projects and Internship where IoT is used for automation.
    4. Hands-on Skills on Low power Embedded Systems, Industrial IoT, IoT laboratory with Raspberry pi 4B+ with Computer Vision (Jetson Nano), IBM cloud services, R and Python Programming, Industrial protocols OPC-UA.
    5. Assessing tools: Node Red and interfacing with any Cloud Services.
  • (B) JKLU M.Tech programs include generous scholarships


The courses offered in this program are listed semester wise:


  • IoT Architecture and Protocols
  • Industrial Automation and IoT-I
  • Statistical Data Analysis
  • Instrumentation and Embedded System Laboratory
  • *Elective I

    • Project-I/ Research Methodology-I
    • Critical Thinking for Developing Perspectives


  • IoT Security and Reliability
  • Cloud and Edge Computing
  • Industrial Automation and IoT-II

*Elective II

  • Project-II/ Research Methodology
  • Critical Thinking for Decisions at Workplace
  • Internship (6-8 weeks)
  • Exit Option with PG Diploma


*Elective -III

*Elective -IV

  • Dissertation /Industrial Project/Entrepreneurial Project (10 credits)


  • Dissertation/Industrial Project/Entrepreneurial Project (16 credits)

*Electives: Computer Vision, Mathematical Modelling, Soft -computing and Applications, Mobile Application Development, Natural Language Processing and Understanding, Industrial Robotics, Multi-Objective Optimization, Computational Game Theory and Applications, Performance Assessment.

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