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Counselling Session on July 15

M Sc. in Data Analytics

Leveraging the widely known reputation of UMass Amherst faculty in data analytics, computer science and the Computational Social Science Initiative (CSSI). This Master’s program is geared primarily for recent college graduates and secondarily for professionals seeking to advance careers.

Students who graduate from this program will be equipped to design research to support evidence-based decision-making, work with large datasets using a range of analysis methods, and communicate their results to general audiences—both visually and in writing.

Degree students will pursue interdisciplinary coursework and learn to:

1. Identify sources of evidence to use in decision-making
2. Work with large datasets
3. Develop reliable and ethical data management practices
4. Interpret and visualize results of analysis
5. Communicate about data and research to a general audience

Only a handful of universities offer similar degrees that specifically go beyond training in core computer programming and data management skills to also train students to collect, analyze and interpret data in order to inform decision-making and communication in the public and private sector.

The program will have a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) designation. Graduates of this program will possess advantages seeking careers in marketing analysis, financial analysis, product or project management, demographic analysis, social media analysis, strategic communication, and reputation management.

M Sc. in Applied Economics

The M Sc. degree in Applied Economics is a terminal degree that addresses both the need for data analysts and the need for critical thinkers – graduates with the ability to first think about how consumers and firms make choices, how markets behave, and what data are needed to inform decisions. Graduates of this program are then prepared to analyze those data and provide meaningful interpretations of the results.

This program will prepare students for careers in analysis and decision making for management, marketing, resource-based industries such as electric utilities and petroleum, government policy positions, particularly related to the environment, and economic consulting.The program has been classified as a STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) program.

Know Your Programme Faculty at UMass Amherst


Candidate should have completed (or will complete before July 2019) minimum of three years of undergraduate (bachelor) degree in any discipline from an accredited institution or University in India.

Candidate needs to be an Indian citizen.

Candidate should have studied Mathematics as a subject upto a minimum of 12th grade or equivalent

Candidate should have secured a minimum of 75% marks in their Undergraduate degree, 12th and 10th grades (or equivalent)

Selection Procedure

Candidates must first submit an expression of interest with the required information by 21 May 2019

Candidates will receive an invitation to complete and submit an online application form along with all requirements including a statement of purpose and recommendation letters.

Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an aptitude assessment and personal interview with the selection committee comprising of LSEF and UMass Amherst representatives.

Selections will be made on rolling basis until all the scholarships are granted and accepted. Therefore, early application is encouraged.

M.Sc. (2019-20) Fee in INR: 3,50,000 per semester