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Dr. Sarita Gupta

Assistant Professor

Institute of Management


Finance, Accounting & Taxation





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Dr. Sarita Gupta has an overall teaching and research experience of more than Eight years in area of accounting & finance. She Earned her PhD in Management from Central University of Rajasthan in 2019 with a fellowship from UGC for 5 years.

She got her MBA degree awarded from RTU Kota in 2010 and M.Com from University of Rajasthan in 2013. She has qualified UGC NET- JRF in Management in 2012, UGC NET in Commerce in 2013 and RPSC SET in 2013 in Management; all in first attempt. She has a length of published research papers in Scopus, peer reviewed double blind, National and International referred Journals and edited books in area of finance.

In her journey of research, she has participated in 17 International and National conferences, workshops and FDP, organized by leading national institutes like IIT Kanpur, Mumbai Vidhyapeeth, ICSSR, University of Burdwan-West Bengal, BITS-Noida, UoR-Jaipur, Nirma University-Gujraat, Jaipuria Institute of Management-Indore etc. She has successfully Organised ICSDG 2019 as co-convener at JKLU. She is working actively as co-convener of Business Club on campus.

  • Reverse Mortgage and other HECM products
  • Population Ageing & old age economic security
  • Housing economics
  • Pension reforms
  • Survey based studies in Finance
  • University Grant Commission Fellowship (JRF & SRF) during 2013 to 2018RPSC-SET in Management in 2013 (in First Attempt)
  • UGC JRF & NET in Management in 2012 (in First Attempt)
  • UGC NET in Commerce in 2013 (in First Attempt)Secure Best Student Award in 2010 in MITRC, Alwar,
  • Got First Rank at Alwar District Level in MBA in 2009, Awarded by Gargi Prize in 2004 for Academic Excellence by Government of Rajasthan
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