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I’ M Dr. Richa Mishra

Asst. Professor (OBHR) & Asst. Director, Centre for Communication & Critical Thinking

Institute of Management







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An academic career spanning over 14 years in areas of Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management.

Member of various professional bodies such as ISTD (Jaipur Chapter), NAOP (India), ISABS (New Delhi) and Academy of Management (AOM).

As a founding faculty member of the Centre for Communication & Critical Thinking of JKLU, worked to set up a unique experiential learning space, pedagogy and curriculum to build interdisciplinary thinking and employability skills.

Conducted several Management Development Programme on capacity building through People Skills.

Published and Presented several research papers in International and National Conferences and Journals.

Workplace BehaviorPersonalityEmotions at Workplace 

Won Best Paper Award in FORE School of Management, at Fore International Sustainable Development Conference held during January 11-13, 2018.Won Best Paper Award in JK Lakshmipat University, at Green, Growth, Globalization, Governance & GST: Challenges & Opportunities Conference held during January 2-4, 2018.

Munjal, S., & Mishra, R. (2019). Associative Impact of Personality Orientation and Levels of Stress on Procrastination in Middle-level Managers. Indian Journal of Public Administration. Sage Publications. https://doi.org/10.1177/0019556118820456Shankar, S. & Mishra R. (2017).Corporate Social Responsibility: Dilemma for Environmental Conservation. Cambridge Scientific Publishers, 153-158.Mishra, L. & Mishra, R. (2017). Human Resource Disclosure and its Association with Corporate Attributes Global Journal of Management and Business Research: G Interdisciplinary vol. 17 (5) Version 1.0, 9-18Mishra, R. & Jha, S. (2017).  A Conceptual Framework on Positive Leadership Style with Competency based Models.  International Journal on Leadership vol. 5 (1) April, 16-24.Mishra, R. & Raina, U. (2016). The leadership Odyssey [Review of Book by Singh Pritam, Bhandarker Asha, Rai Snigdha]. LBS Journal of Management & Research, vol. XIV, No.1, January-June, 73-74. Scopus IndexedMishra, R. & Awasthi, A. (2016). An exploratory study on awareness towards institutional social responsibility in Indian higher education institutions. Journal of Human Resource Management, vol. 19, 56-66

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