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Dr. Roshan Lal Raina

Vice Chancellor

JK Lakshmipat University







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Born June 21, 1955, Dr. Roshan Lal Raina is Vice Chancellor at JK Lakshmipat University, Jaipur.

Before taking over as the Vice Chancellor of JKLU, Dr Raina was Professor at the Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow (IIML), where he, over and above his core academic assignments, contributed immensely to institution building in areas like ‘Planning & Development’, ‘Research and Consulting’, ‘Academic Leadership’, ‘Placements’, ‘Library’, ‘Computer Centre’, ‘Student & Alumni Affairs’ and ‘Corporate Communication & Media Relations’.

As Dean: Planning & Development (2011-13) at IIML, Dr. Raina was responsible for overseeing activities related to resource mobilization through industry – interface, training interventions, consulting, and research initiatives. Augmenting academic infrastructure as expected of a world-class academic institute – library, information and computing facilities, in particular – was the other domain of his activities as the Dean: P & D.

Working on a committee to redefine ‘vision’, ‘mission’ and ‘strategic action plan’ for IIML and handling of a delicate and sensitive task of evolving a ‘Faculty Performance Management System at IIML’ merit a special mention here.

MDP initiatives touched new heights, both in terms of quality training interventions undertaken as well as revenue generated. Similar impressive growth was experienced in sponsored consulting and research projects undertaken as well as completed.

As Member, IIML Board of Governors, IIML Society, IIML Finance & Accounts Committee (2011-13), significantly contributed to the meeting outcomes. It is especially for contributing to the discussions and deliberations of the Board meetings of IIML and other well recognized management education institutions, and overseeing the activities of the IIML during the absence of the Director, Dr. Raina is recognized for handling challenging assignments with sharp acumen and capability, a pre-requisite for accelerating the growth of a world-class Institute and strengthening its academic excellence.

As Member, Board of Governors and Academic Advisory Bodies of several prestigious management education institutions in the country (that include the MIT’s-SOM, LBSIM, GBS, LBSIMT), Dr. Raina’s contributions in helping those institutions reach the present status has been well recognized.

As Director, Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management, Delhi (2005-08), academic leadership qualities of Dr. Raina were quite visible when LBSIM, Delhi touched new heights in all its academic activity mix, viz. (i) teaching (admissions, course curriculum, & placements in particular), (ii) research, (iii) consulting, and (iv) training initiatives. LBSIM was ranked among top 25 management education institutions of the country during his tenurship as its Director by all leading surveys.

To further the cause of management education, Dr Raina’s involvement in Mentorship Activities, for newly established IIMs (in Rohtak, Kashipur, and Sirmaur) and Departments/Schools of Management in newly established Central Universities (in Jammu, Himachal Pradesh, and Kashmir, in particular) drew appreciation of all concerned.

As President: Employee Welfare Committee (2011-13), IIML Community Development initiatives witnessed enriching community involvement and sense of belongingness among all its Community Members – the students, the faculty, the officers, the staff and their families.

As Chairman Nominee, Kendriya Vidyalaya Samiti, IIML (2009-14), Kendriya Vidyalaya, IIML witnessed phenomenal growth in its student enrolment, examination performance, expansion plans, and student participation in curricular, co-curricular as well as extra-curricular activities.

As Chairman Placements (2009-11), recruitments at IIML, particularly on lateral and international placements, received a much needed thrust and impetus with visits to UK, Europe, Singapore, Dubai, Abhu-Dhabi, Hong-Kong.

As Professor-In-Charge: Corporate Communication & Media Relations (2001-05), introducing innovative initiatives branding and image building exercise of IIML received a big boost and it started being ranked at top levels from relatively very lower ranks.

As Chairman: Alumni Affairs (2001-05), introducing and implementing measures related to institute – alumni interface paid rich dividends. Today at IIML, one cannot think of any of its core activities, be that in the area of ‘teaching’, ‘research’, ‘training’, or ‘consulting’ where proactive involvement and support of its alumni is not there.

As Chairman: Student Affairs (2001-05), introducing and implementing measures related to holistic and integrated development of its students as responsible citizens were well received. Student activities (beyond the classroom) started during the period have grown impressively over the years.

As Chairman: Library Advisory Committee/Professor-In-Charge: Library (2001- 14), overseeing the development of a state-of-the-art and world-class learning resource centre at IIML has been recognized by one and all.

As Visiting Faculty on several overseas assignments, Dr. Raina has also contributed to building academic collaborations (student – teacher exchange) and networking with benchmarked institutions abroad.

Apart from being an able institution builder, Dr. Raina’s contributions in core academic areas are many and varied.

On the academic front, besides teaching a variety of innovative and need-based core and elective courses in the ‘Communication Area’ like: Communication for Management, Scholarly Writing, Written Analysis of Communication, Written Executive Communication, International Business Communication, he has undertaken several prestigious assignments in educational institutes in US, UK, France, Germany, and Canada. Reputed organizations like the Fulbright Foundation (USA), the British Council (UK), the Max Mueller Bhawan (Germany), the ESCP- EAP (France), and the IDRC (Canada) sponsored these assignments. At home, too, he has worked for the Ministry of Agriculture, DSIR, and CSIR, all under GOI.

In terms of research, he has authored 9 and edited 13 bestselling books, journal volumes, and conference/seminar proceedings. Dr. Raina has published 87 research papers in national and international level peer-reviewed journals and has also presented (mostly on invitation) 135 papers in national and international conferences and seminars. The areas include:

Communication for Management’, ‘General Management’, ‘Corporate Communication & Media Relations’, ‘TQM’, ‘IT Applications’, ‘HRM’ and ‘Marketing in the Information Sector’. In addition to his being the Chief Editor of Metamorphosis (IIML journal), Dr. Raina is on the Editorial Boards of three professional journals in the country.

As a highly respected trainer in the ‘corporate world’ as well as with ‘government’ organizations, Dr. Raina has been actively involved in conducting advanced, innovative and need-based management development programmes and workshops, particularly in areas like ‘effective communication’; ‘corporate communication’; ‘media management’; ‘TQM’; ‘IT Applications’; ‘Marketing’; etc. and these have been highly appreciated by the participants as well as their sponsors. His most recent assignment of conducting a series of five/six-week Advanced Management Programmes for Senior Officers of IES, IAS, IFS, IRS, DRDO and Executives (GMs and above) of several Public Sector Undertakings like ONGC, that include a two-week overseas learning component – OLC – (to UK/Europe) deserve a special mention here.

Concurrently, he has been involved in several consulting and research assignments awarded by reputed national and international agencies like the JSI, Deliver, USA, IDRC, Canada, The Johns Hopkins University/Centre for Communication Programms, Baltimore, USA, the UP State Electricity Board (in connection with an injunction from the Apex Court), State Water and Sanitation Mission (GOUP) and the MHRD (GOI).

On an invitation from Hyundai Motor India Ltd., Dr. Raina visited Korea in 2009 as part of “Goodwill Trip for Opinion Makers from Various Strata of Indian Society“.

For his multi-faceted contributions, Dr. Raina holds the unique distinction of having bagged several top professional scholarships/honours/awards, including the Fulbright Award, the British Council Fellowship, SIS Fellowship.

Top Rankers Management Consultants, with processing support from ‘Jindal Global Business School’ and a high caliber ‘Intellectual Support Panel’, awarded Dr. Raina the Top Rankers Excellence Award for Academic Leadership: 2014

In recognition of his contribution in developing scientific temper in general and in his area, in particular, the Indian Science Congress Association, honoured Dr. Raina, during its 101st prestigious Science Congress, in January, 2014.

Academy for Global Business Advancement, USA Conferred 2016 AGBA Distinguished Life-Time Achievement Award on Prof. Dr. Roshan Lal Raina, during its 13th Annual World Congress, organized by Universitas Sebelas Maret, Solo, Indonesia during November 26-28, 2016.

IATLIS – Prof. Jaginder Singh Ramdev ‘Lifetime Achievement Award 2015 was conferred on Dr Raina on December 19, 2016, during the inaugural function of XXXII IATLIS National Conference, organized by Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Lucknow.

Dr Raina was Felicitated on the occasion of National Youth Day celebrations, organised by the G B Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Uttarakhand, as part of National Conference on “Skilling India for Youth Empowerment”, during January 12-13, 2017, in recognition of his ‘Contribution in Nation Building’.

Exemplary Academic Leadership Award was conferred upon Dr. R.L. Raina on the occasion of Federation for World Academics (FWA) National Conclave – 2017 on “Synergizing Academia-Industry towards Skilling & Transforming India” organized in New Delhi on November 4, 2017. The award was presented during the 8th National Education Leadership Awards 2017, by the Business World and the Education Post.

“Visionary edu-leader of India” Award was conferred upon Dr. R.L. Raina on the occasion of National Convention of eduLEADERS & eduPRENEURS in Higher Education, organized in New Delhi on December 11, 2017. The award was presented by Shri Manish Sisodia, Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi during the The Fifth Estate Summit 2017, organized by Re:think India in presence of Sri Pranab Mukherjee, the 13th President of India.

“Distinguished Service Award” was conferred upon Dr. R. L. Raina, on the occasion of Leadership Summit, organized by Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA) in association with SCC Online and SLS, on September 15, 2018. The award was presented by noted parliamentarian Mr Salman Khusheed and Maj General Bakshi.

“Life Time Achievement Award, for the Year 2018” was conferred upon Dr. R L Raina by MPLA on the occasion of its National Seminar TSLRS-2018, organized in Bhopal on September 16, 2018.

  • Communication for Management
  • Corporate Communication & Media Relations
  • Scholarly Writing
  • Social, Emotional & Ethical (SEE) Learning
  • Personal Growth
  • Understanding and Leading the Self
  • India: Information Awareness
  • Communication for Management
  • Transforming Higher Education
  • Technology & Communication
  • Compassion, Mindfulness & Ethics
  • Academic Leadership
  • Institution Building
  • Some recent Research Projects successfully completed include:

Implementation of National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme: A Case Study of Uttar Pradesh. [AICTE, MHRD, GOI funded]; (ii) Management of National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme: Issues and Challenges. [AICTE, MHRD, GOI funded]; (iii) Documentation of IIML Research Contributions; (iv) Information Technology Upgradation at IIML (MHRD [GOI] Funded); (v) Barcoding & CD-NET Upgradation at IIML (MHRD [GOI] Funded); (vi) Optical Information Scanning, Archiving, & Retrieval Services at IIML (MHRD [GOI] Funded); (vii) Setting up of Cyber Lab and its Augmentation at IIML (MHRD, GOI Funded)

  • Fulbright Award (1990)
  • British Council Fellowship (1991)
  • IASLIC Award & Certificate of Honour (1985)
  • ILA Award (1989)
  • Top Rankers Excellence Award for Academic Leadership (2014)
  • Indian Science Congress Association Honour (2014)
  • Distinguished Life-Time Achievement Award, by Academy for Global Business Advancement (AGBA), USA (2016)
  • IATLIS Prof. Jaginder Singh Ramdev Lifetime Achievement Award (2015)
  • Felicitation for Contribution in Nation Building by the GB Pant University of Agriculture and Technology (2017)
  • Exemplary Academic Leadership Award by Federation for World Academics (FWA), presented by the Business World and the Education Post (2017)
  • Visionary Edu-leader of India Award, presented by Shri Manish Sisodia, Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, organized by Re:think India in presence of Sri Pranab Mukherjee, the 13th President of India (2017)
  • Distinguished Service Award by Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA) in association with SCC Online and SLS, presented by noted parliamentarian Mr Salman Khusheed and Maj General Bakshi (2018)
  • Life Time Achievement Award by MPLA (2018)
  • Business Communication Today. C L Bovee, John V Thill and Roshan Lal Raina, 14thed. Noida, Pearson, 2018. 688p.
  • Raina, Roshan Lal, Ghosh, Pratistha Upgrading Higher Education to Produce, Nurture & Groom Students as Successful Professionals: An Approach at JK Lakshmipat University (JKLU) University News 57 (49) 2019: 47-52.
  • Raina, Roshan Lal and Sharma, Ashwini Management Education in India: Quality Issues and Concerns. BVIMR Management Review 9 (2) 2016/2017: 205-219.
  • Raina, R.L. Future Ready Education for Future Ready Youth of India. Presented in the 3rd National Teacher Congress, organized by MIT-World Peach University, during January 4-6, 2019 at Pune on January 5, 2019.
  • Raina, Roshan Lal and Sharma, Ashwini. Management Education in India: Quality Issues and Concerns. Presented in the The Academy for Global Business Advancement (AGBA) 13th Annual World Congress on Business and Entrepreneurship Development in a Globalized Era organized by Universitas Sebelas Maret, Surakarta (Solo), Indonesia during November 26-27, 2016.
  • Books (Authored & Edited): 21
  • Papers in Journals/Chapters in Books: 77
  • Papers in Conferences/ Seminars : 153
  • Book Reviews : 12
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