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I’ M Dr. Milind Thomas Themalil

Associate Professor

Institute of Engineering & Technology


Electrical & Electronics Engineering





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Passionate about learning, teaching and research.

  • Has worked on the miniaturization of Pixel Antenna (Agile Radiating Matrix Antenna – ARMA, for implantation on the Argos CubeSat 4U, CNES, France
  • Has worked on microstrip antenna design for WLAN, Jadavpur University
  • Published Research in 5 Foreign Journals, 2 Indian Journals and over 15 International & National Conferences, including France & Spain
  • Has guided M.Tech theses in the area of antennas and wireless communication
  • Completed studies in India, Bahrain and Sultanate of Oman. Developed academic professional career in West Bengal, Bangalore and Kerala

Microstrip AntennasAgile Radiating Matrix AntennaIsoflux solutions for space applications Wireless Communications

Miniaturized Pixel Antenna for Implantation on Argos CubeSat 4UARMA

Air India Scholastic Award

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