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Dr. Hanuman Prasad Agrawal

Assistant Professor

Institute of Engineering & Technology


Electrical & Electronics Engineering





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Mr. H.P. Agrawal from Electrical Engineering having carrier span over 18 years. He has held teaching and administrative position in various engineering institutes including Sobhasaria Engg. College, Sikar and Shekhawati Engineering College, Dundlod. He has held the position of Head of Department, Controller of Examination, Coordinator of M.Tech. Program and Vice Principal. He has guided 13 M.Tech. Students for their thesis. He has designed and conducted various faculty development programs and also attended several faculty development program, workshops and seminars.
Mr. H.P. Agrawal is highly energetic and enthusiastic individual, specializing Improvement in stability and power transfer capability. He is pursuing Ph.D. on topic Performance enhancement of power system by using optimum location of FACTS controllers.

Power System StabilityPower QualityRenewal Energy

Honored for best faculty in education by ITSR Foundation, Jaipur on November 25, 2017.Honored for Excellence in Academics by ITSR Foundation, Jaipur on March 31, 2019.

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