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Dr. Dheeraj Sanghi

Vice Chancellor
JK Lakshmipat University


Computer Science and Engineering





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Dr.  Sanghi has been a Professor of Computer Science & Engineering at IIT-Kanpur. During his association of more than 27 years with IIT K he has held various leadership positions such as Dean of Academic Affairs; Chairman Senate Under Graduation Committee; Coordinator Industry Affiliate Programs; Head of Prabhu Goel Research Centre for Computer & Internet Security to name a few.


He has also maintained various leadership positions such as Director, LNMIIT, Jaipur; Dean of Academic Affairs & Dean of External Relations at IIIT Delhi and most recently as Director of Punjab Engineering College, one of India’s oldest engineering institutions. He has worked closely with various Indian & International industries in full-time and consultant positions.


He is acknowledged as a thought leader in academia and known for his student-centric approach to implementing best practices in academic systems.  He publishes a popular blog on higher education which has had more than 2 million hits so far. He has visited more than 100 academic institutions in India where he has talked about curriculum design, examinations, teaching/learning processes, career planning, and so on. He has been associated with several academic institutions as a member of important committees including Boards of Managements, Academic Councils, Boards of Studies, etc.


Prof. Sanghi is an avid blogger, author, social media enthusiast, and motivator. He frequently publishes his blogs in the area of academia, researches, educational policies primarily.


You may click on the link below to read his blogs.

Musings of Dheeraj Sanghi (dsanghi.blogspot.com)

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