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Mr. Dhruv Saxena

Assistant Professor

Institute of Design






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Dhruv Saxena is a product designer and consultant teacher based out of Jaipur and have been working as an independent designer in the craft ecosystem of the city for the last four years. It has been a very interesting journey in terms of understanding the various craft techniques that exist in the city while constantly developing relevant products of a certain form-language. Through his label, Atelier DS, he was able to present an idea of contemporary form languages that can exist in the current handicraft scenario of the city.

Alongside the label, crafts and craftsmen have also become an innovative trigger in his academic career as well. Dhruv Saxena has  interests in multiple fields including industrial design, user experience design etc. with an overlay of a speculative school of thought.

Craft techniques and culturesDigitally enabling skill/Craft based ecosystems 

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