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Dr. Devika Kataria

Associate Professor

Institute of Engineering & Technology


Electrical & Electronics Engineering





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Devika Kataria has a decade of industrial experience and over a decade of teaching and administrative experience at various institutions. She teaches subjects Digital System Design, Analog Electronics, Real Time Operating Systems, Internet of Things, Computer Vision at both level graduation as well as post-graduation. She has attended Olin Summer Collaboratory for Designing Student Centered Learning Experiences and designed Project Based Learning courses like Fundamentals of Automation Engineering.

She is pursuing research project in Flexible Sensors (under seed funding from Chancellor’s funds) at JK Lakshmipat University. She has conducted several workshops on Internet of Things in collaboration with Texas Instruments and has established TI Innovation Laboratory at JKLU. She has received appreciation letter from Texas Instruments and AICTE for Fostering the ecosystem bridging Government, Academia, and Industry.


  • Digital System Design
  • Analog Electronics
  • Real Time Operating Systems
  • Internet of Things
  • Computer Vision


  • Flexible Electronics
  • Internet of Things


  • Merit in National Scholarship Scheme, Higher Education Department, M.P. Board,1986
  • Recognition from Academic Senate IITK for tutorship of Electronics Sciences, 2012-13
  • Professional Development at Summer Institute 2018 at Olin College Collaboratory.
  • Session Chair, The First Year, Frontiers In Education 2020, Uppsala, Sweden

Peer-reviewed Journals

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  1. Rajesh Kakkar, Naivedhya Suryawanshi, Devika Kataria, Naidu JP, Kannan AP Advanced Intrusion Detection System for Line of Control- at the 4th ISSE National Conference (INAC-4), ISRO Ahmedabad, 26th and 27th September 2019.


Smart Monitoring of Belt Tension and Slip, Inventors: Devika Kataria, Jyoti Prakash Naidu, Rohit, V. Sunder, USPTO, Patent Number 17/026170 dtd 29 Dec 2020


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