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Dr. Bhargav Prajwal Pathri

Assistant Professor

Institute of Engineering & Technology


Mechanical Engineering





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Dr. Bhargav Prajwal is currently working as Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET), JK Lakshmipat University, Jaipur. Before joining JKLU he worked as Assistant Professor in the Department of Design at Effat University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

He has done his Ph.D. from Malaviya National Institute of Technology (MNIT), Jaipur. He received his Master’s in Automotive Engineering from Coventry University, United Kingdom, and Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from JNTU Hyderabad. He has more than 20 publications in different international journals. He is also reviewer for many reputed journals. He has undertaken many industrial projects. He has been the reviewer and editor of several services such as:

  • Reviewer of “Rapid Prototyping Journal”, Emerald Group
  • Reviewer of “International Journal of  Measurement Technology and Instrumentation Engineering (IJMTIE), IGI Global
  • Reviewer of “Smart Science”, Taylor and Francis Journal.
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Advanced Manufacturing Processes
  • Automobile Engineering, Mechatronics Lab
  • Engineering Drawing
  • Strength of Materials
  • Engineering Mechanics.
  • Product Design: Studio (3, 5, 6)
  • Capstone Preparation
  • Professional Practice for Product Design,
  • Basic and Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Processes


  • Ceramic Machining
  • Advance Manufacturing Processes
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • New Age Materials
  • Characterizing New Materials
  • 3D Bio-Printing
  • Proceeding Committee member for ETEE-2012 National Conference.
  • Awarded “Young Investigator” for the category best presentation/Best content by ICMIE-2012, Interscience open access journal (IOAJ
  • Awarded Masters of Science in Automotive Engineering with Merit by Coventry University, UK, 2010
  • Awarded B-Tech Mechanical Engineering with distinction by JNTU, Hyderabad, 2008
  • Recipient of International Merit Scholarship in MSc by Coventry University, UK.

Industry projects 

  • Worked on project for internal surface finishing of 3D printing nozzle, developed tooling and finished using abrasive flow machining process. (Aha 3D Pvt. Ltd Jaipur)
  • Worked on project for internal surface finishing of Glass Bottle Mould, developed tooling and finished using abrasive flow machining process. (Piramal Glass Ltd Gujrat)
  • Prajwal, H.S.Mali, R. Nagar, 2018, “Life cycle energy assessment of a typical marble processing plant” International journal of sustainable manufacturing, Vol.10, Issue 1, Article 3 (Scopus).
  • B Prajwal, D Gupta, J kishan, H S Mali, “Abrasive Flow Finishing of FDM Printed Parts Using a Sustainable Media”, Rapid Prototyping Journal, 24, Issue 3 IF= 2.4- (SCI- Indexed)
  • Prajwal, H.S. Mali, R. Nagar, 2017 “Influence of the physico-mechanical and mineral properties of various marble on diamond tool wear”, International Journal of Materials Engineering Innovation, Vol.8, Issue.2 (Scopus)
  • Prajwal, Rohit Chaudhary, H.S Mali. “Abrasion wear characterization of some Rajasthan marble stones subjected to foot traffic and correlation between abrasion and mechanical properties” i-manager’s journal on material science, Vol 4, Issue-4, 10-17, Jan- Mar 2017.
  • Prajwal, Rohit Chaudhary, H.S Mali. “Abrasion resistance of some Rajasthan marble stones subjected to varying loads and sliding speeds according to EN: 14157 Standards” i- manager’s journal on material science, Vol 5, Issue-2, 27-34, July-Sept 2017.
  • Prajwal, H.S Mali, R. Nagar. (2016), “Prediction and calculation of specific cutting energy while performing milling operation on natural stone”, Wulfenia Journal, ISSN:1561-882X, Vol.23, Issue-12, IF= 2.0-(SCI Indexed)
  • Prajwal, Arpit, DR Unune, H.S Mali, S.S Dhami, Ravindra Nagar. (2016), “Design and fabrication of a strain gauge type 3-axis milling tool dynamometer: Fabrication and Testing”, International Journal of Materials Forming and Machining Processes (IJMFMP), ISSN: 2334- 4563, Vol 3, Issue 2, 1-15, June 2016.
  • Prajwal, D Unune, A aherwar, Jai kishan, Modelling, simulation and validation of results with different car models using wind tunnel and Star-CCM+, Journal of the Serbian Society for Computational Mechanics, Vol-9, Issue.2, 46-56, (Scopus)
  • Bhargav Prajwal P, Amit Aherwar, Deepak Rajendra Unune, Jaikishan, Statistical and regression analysis of vibration of carbon steel cutting tool for turning of EN24 steel using design of experiments, International Journal of Recent advances in Mechanical Engineering (IJMECH), ISSN: 2200-5854,3, No.3 August 2014
  • Bhargav prajwal , Manufacturing of Formula one student sports car upright using Rapid Prototyping. International Journal of Automotive Technology (IJAT), ISSN:2051-7831, Vol.29, Issue.1,1103-1106, Feb 2013
  • Bhargav prajwal P, Manish Kumar , Numerical Analysis of Kevlar-epoxy composite plate subjected to Ballastic Impact. International Journal of Mechanical Engineering (IJME), ISSN:2051-3232, Vol 41, Issue.1, 1117-1122, March 2013
  • Bhargav prajwal P, Deepak rajendra unune, Amit aherwar, Jaikishan, 2013, Application of Taguchi method for determining optimum process parameters of PMEDM with SiC powder suspended dielectric, i-manager’s journal on material science, vol-1 no-3, Oct-
  • Bhargav P, Design Optimization of student sports car upright using Altair Hyperworks, International Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (IJMIE). ISSN No. 2231-6477, Vol-2, Issue-1, 54-59, July 2012.


S Mali, B Pathri, Sandeep, Manish, Ankit, Rohit. 2016, Smart stonecutter based on direct use of electromagnetic forces and intelligent electronics circuitry, INDIAN. Patent- 201611027416 A, Filed August 11, 2016, and issued August 26, 2016

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