LSEF-UMass: Webinar with UMass Amherst Faculty – 17 June 2019

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A unique initiative of our Parent Foundation with University of Massachusetts Amherst, offering each selected student a scholarship of Rs. 20 Lakhs for prestigious masters degree programs at U Mass in Public Policy, Applied Economics and Data Analytics.

UMass Amherst Faculty share about the unique LSEF-UMASS Scholarship programme in this Webinar!

Know more about becoming part of the founding batch of this Scholarship by the Lakshmipat Singhania Education Foundation to pursue MS in Data Analytics, MS in Applied Economics, and Master of Public Policy at University of Massachusetts Amherst with a 50 percent scholarship to each student.

Join the Webinar on 17 June at 5:30 PM to know about this exciting opportunity available to Indian students looking to pursue master’s programs in the US.
Join the Webinar – https://zoom.us/j/753809316
Know more – www.lse.foundation