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2 year composite study programme that combines new age domains with traditional approaches to learning.

The 2 year M.Des. programme is split into smaller modules that not only allow you to get a qualification but also enhance career opportunities with each module.

Design is an exciting new domain that is in-demand, rewarding, and creative. In the short time since it was established, the Institute of Design at JKLU has made an impact. Our B.Des. programmes in new age domains like Product Design, Interaction Design, Interdisciplinary Design and Integrated Communication Design are without doubt, among the best in the country.

We now offer postgraduate programmes in Design leading to Master of Design (M.Des.) in Product Design and Interaction Design. The two-year programme allows you to do it in parts with intermediate certifications. You can earn credits and build your qualification into a PG degree.


Product Design

M.Des. in Product Design is both people-centric and technology-led. This 2 year programme introduces you to new technologies that help you transform into a process driven thinker whose work promotes sustainability and positively impacts the economy and society.

About the Programme

M.Des. in Product Design at JKLU Institute of Design allows you to take up collaborative assignments with the industry or become a design-led entrepreneur. The course offers contemporary practices that put you at ease with both artisanal and IoT products. Here, we follow a curriculum that is current and contemporary.


As a student of Product Design, you get to select projects from varied areas like agriculture products, medical products, children’s products, and products for the elderly, where you work on improving the way of life, besides working on digital products that prepare you for the future.


Graduates of Product Design find jobs in the manufacturing sector and in various industries like automobile, consumer goods, industrial products, appliances etc. M.Des. in Product Design even allows you to turn innovator with inputs from engineering and start your enterprise.

Interaction Design

The 2 year M.Des. programme in Interaction Design is unique and relevant to the millennial generation. This programme caters to the new, hard-wired, device-friendly, young audiences who are as comfortable in the virtual world, as they are in the real world. 

About the Programme

The programme is as much about digital devices as about analogue conversations. It is about cognitive sciences as well as computer sciences. Here, you get first-hand experience of designing and developing complex systems that deliver delightful digital experiences and hands-on inputs to develop user-centric designs.


Courses in cognitive ergonomics, human-computer interface & UI/ UX help in creating good user experiences. Basic understanding of coding helps you in developing digital products. You get to work on real-life projects like designing apps and portals for new businesses besides getting introduced to new methods of quick prototyping to validate your design solutions. Good grounding on typography, layouts, colour and form, helps in developing interactions that are visually delightful.


A grounding in Entrepreneurship, additionally prepares you to work out design proposals and business plans. Our graduates find opportunities as Interaction designers in technology companies and big corporations. They are also sought after by start-ups in digital products and app development. Organisations that develop software also require UX or User experience designers who can interpret the man machine interface. Service Design is another area of work for Interaction designers as they understand the systemic approach to problem solving. 

Certificate for Design thinking for innovation (3 months)
Project based learning of skills and techniques associated with design thinking equip you with tools and methodologies, which help in developing a problem solving mindset. Opportunity scope post completion includes Innovation centric roles in core disciplines and many more.
Certificate in Design Foundation (3 + 3 months)

Completion of the design thinking module takes you to the later half of your design foundation. This curation of inputs helps to build an understanding of the elements & principles of design. Learning outcomes include understanding of identity, branding, packaging & storytelling etc, culminating into a design project workshop.


Opportunity scope post completion includes Product management, Design apprenticeships, Interdisciplinary roles in consultancies, Design roles in startups in UI UX, Product design and manufacturing, Brand and identity design and many more.

PG Diploma in Integral Design (3 + 3 + 6 months)

Graduate from foundation to this 6 month project-oriented semester that orients you to undertake projects that conceive various products and services. Courses like Product UI, and wire framing help you to develop objects and solutions that cater to the human/ social need in a user-centric and integrated manner.

Get engaged as product designers and managers in domains like UI/UX, Product design, furniture industry, crafts and livelihoods, tech-based startups and documentation.

M.Des. in Interaction Design / M.Des. in Product Design ( 3 + 3 + 6 + 12 months)

The final 12 months of the programme can be split into two semesters, and the final semester can be allocated to a graduation/ capstone project that brings together the learnings of the entire programme.


The programme builds over the previous block by foraying into advanced study of triggers like materials, techniques, product detailing etc. Graduating from a technically simple product, this semester deals with design of technically complex products, experiences, and systems thinking in design.

The programme offers exposure to a variety of challenges and scenarios where design plays an important role. Domains like IoT, healthcare, social and environmental impact, etc. can be triggers to develop a deeper and holistic understanding.

Engagement as expert designers and project coordinators in domains like UI UX, Product Design, Furniture and Lifestyle, Tech based startups, Crafts and livelihoods, social sector organisations, branding and identity consultancies, appliance and home betterment industry & service design await the students of this programme.