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The Department of Computer Science & Engineering offers B.Tech. in Computer Science Engineering, B.Tech. in Information Technology, M. Tech. in Computer Science Engineering and Ph.D. The department has emerged as a Centre of Excellence.

It has landscaped its academic programmes extensively with aim to train engineers at UG and PG levels, equip them with the fundamental concepts and techniques of computing and applications, relevant to emerging technological advancements.The curriculum focuses on the fundamentals of theory, followed by practical, projects and industrial training. We regularly upgrade academic curriculum components to suit industry needs which assist students in getting appropriate placements for their bright future. CSE department believes in the word “team”… together everyone achieves more. The department comprises a unit of dedicated, diligent, experienced pedagogues having an excellent teaching and industrial know-how to guide the students to higher altitudes, by cohesion – the right kind of aptitude with positive attitude.

Majority of the faculty members of the department of computer Science are engaged with research and project works at par with information technology domain of today’s knowledge based cosmopolitan society.Department fosters a learning environment that produces high quality computer professionals readily employable by the industry and research organizations. What sets Computer Science Department apart from the rest in its brigade is its approach for professional training, which is practical oriented, guided by technology, performance driven and interactivity. There is widespread interaction between the Computer Science Engineering Department and corporate world in the field of teaching and research. The department is channel partner of some of the big software giants like IBM and Microsoft, to name a few. Computer Science Engineering and Information Technology Department is equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories with licensed software.


The Department of computer science and Engineering has been designed with in objective to create well-qualified engineers who can take up the Challenges in the area of computer science Engineering (CSE).

Graduates Will be able to pursue a variety of careers, such as technology research, Software design and development, system and network architecture, system Integration, etc. or choose to become entrepreneurs. After enabling the student s to develop a strong foundation in basic Science mathematics, basic engineering, humanities, social science and Management, the programs will lay down adequate emphasis on a large Number of core in CSE. Most courses are well support by good laboratory practical through well-equipped labs. These project quite often lead to publication of their original work .Some of the courses of these programs include object include object oriented programming, Microprocessors & Controllers, Algorithm Design, operating Systems, Software Engineering, Theory of Computation, Computer Networks, Database Systems, Data Warehousing & Data Mining ,Complier Design, and Computer Organization & Architecture etc. Student will have to

Undergo a mandatory six-week industrial Training at the end of their third year to get a feel of the work culture in relevant industries.


Department of Computer Science ensures cutting edge laboratories with Latest hardware and software bundle in each lab, where student gain the Experience needed to help meet the growing demand of professionals. The lab also has adequate projection facilities for presentation so that both the instructor can deliver the lecture content and the student can present their Projection effectively.


The department has licensed application and system software. To name a few, MS Windows server 2008 , 2012 , MS Windows 8.1, 7 , Fedora, MS Office 2010 , 2013, CREO 3 D Design Suit, MS Visual Studio 2010 ,2012,2013, MS SQL Server 2010,2012, SPSS 19.0 ,Yatta- UML Lab, AutoCAD 2012, MATLAB 2014, ERP- Campus Lab, RESIST are the software’s installed on systems.

Linux Lab

This lab facilitates familiarity of student with the Linux operating system. It Is designed to take them well beyond begin a casual, personal user of Linux. Student deal with fundamentals and explore the various tools and Techniques commonly used by Linux users, programmers, and system Administrators to do their day to day work.

Networking Lab

The Networking lab includes kit s and modules designed to help students build 21st century skills such as collaboration and problem solving while encouraging practical application of knowledge through hand-on activity and network simulations. Kits include Bundle .Cisco Network Academy facilitates networking skill foundation .Through Networking Academy Courses can earn CISCO career certifications and help fill gap in the networking jobs around the world. The online assessment provides personalized feedback to support the learning process.

Web Technologies Lab

Innovations such as website, social networking, cloud Computing, e-commerce, web conferencing, are changing the way we work, collaborate and play. These capabilities are all powered by the web as a backbone. Infrastructure of this lab is utilized by student to gain a hand–on grip on web technologies. The machines are equipped with relevant software tools like Eclipse, visual Studio 2010,2012,2013, PHP, Web server, XAMPP, WAMP, LAMP, and Net Beans to name a few.

Database Technologies Lab

This laboratory supports experimental work for the courses related to Database systems. The machines are equipped with tools for designing Database like the oracle development suite, MS SQL server 2012, 2012, Microsoft Visio. Students work individually as well as in terms, utilizing the skill and knowledge they have acquired during their studies to design and implement functioning databases.