JK Lakshmipat University, Jaipur, offers research programmes leading to the award of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D). The award of Ph. D degree is in recognition of high academic achievements, independent research and original contribution in various academic disciplines (as recognized by the University).

The University also encourages research in interdisciplinary areas in academics as well as industrial practices in order to promote creativity, productivity and to open up new avenues of research work. The academic programme leading to the Ph. D degree involves a stipulated course work and credit requirements plus producing a research thesis that shall be characterized by the

Discovery of new facts, or providing a new perspective of interpretation. Application of existing facts or postulating a new theory or evaluating an existing theory in new contexts. Innovation and development of equipment/ product/ process making a unique advancement in a technology or a practice or a principle.

It shall demonstrate the research scholar’s capacity for critical examination and sound judgment and shall represent original contribution to the existing body of knowledge in a given academic domain. The degree shall be awarded by the University in recognition of research work in various areas recognized by the various faculties/academic departments of the University, to those who fulfill all the requirements specified in the rules and regulations contained here in after.

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Work/Credit Requirements

All candidates admitted for the Ph. D programme are required to undergo a 20 credit course work during the first semester of the programme. The courses offered for the Ph. D programme will be a combination of Lecture Courses, Laboratory Courses, Design Courses, Self-Study Courses, Minor Project work as the case may be, for the candidates registered under each discipline. The course work will be in two parts.

  • Part 1 : A common module of courses including Research Methodology, and Statistical Methods carrying eight credits in total has to be taken by every Ph. D candidate irrespective of the discipline under which he/she is registered.
  • Part 2 :All lecture courses, laboratory courses, design courses, self-study courses and minor project work shall carry a maximum of twelve credits. The courses, as prescribed by the Director of the respective Institute, should be based on the recent developments/literature survey in the areas of research in the respective disciplines.

Pre-Ph. D Examination

After the completion of the course work in the first semester, each candidate will be required to take a Pre-Ph. D examination. It will consist of one written test or lab work of the duration of 2 hours based on the courses taken in Part I of the course work. For Part II, the candidate is required to produce a paper based on the literature review or a concept paper on his/her area of research to claim the necessary credits.



After a candidate has passed the Pre-Ph. D written test, he/she is required to submit the research proposal and make a presentation within two months. It is mandatory that every research scholar will have to submit a half yearly progress report at the end of every semester, till the submission of the final thesis, to the Professor Incharge Research, duly reviewed, evaluated and recommended by his/her supervisor(s) and forwarded by the Directors of the respective Institutes. The candidate’s progress report for each semester may be graded as Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory. A candidate has to earn ‘Satisfactory’ grade for all the semesters to be eligible for the final submission of the thesis. If a candidate fails to submit two consecutive half-yearly progress reports on time, or the progress reports submitted by the candidate are not satisfactory, then his/her registration will stand cancelled. Every Ph. D candidate is required to hold a pre-submission open seminar at least six months before the final submission of the thesis. On completion of the research work, he/she is required to publish at least two papers in refereed journals and then submit to the University.


Programme Duration

The minimum duration for the Ph. D programme shall be two years/four semesters from the date of confirmation of the registration for the programme to the date of the submission of the thesis. However, a research student may be given relaxation of up to 6 months in the above periods allowing pre-submission of the thesis, provided he/she produces sufficient evidence of having done prior research work resulting in publication of research papers in refereed journals in his/her area of research. Maximum duration of Ph.D programme is five years/ ten semesters from the date of confirmation of registration into the programme to the date of the submission of the thesis. However, the submission of thesis may be extended by not more than one year by the Chairman Board of Research, under special circumstances, on a written request by the student duly forwarded by his/her supervisor and recommended by the Director of the Institute.


JKLU offers several scholarships and financial aid to students based on performance and need.

MERIT SCHOLARSHIPS Scholarships from 25% to 100% of tuition fees are offered to meritorious students based on their examination scores, in the first year of study. Top 10% of the students who obtain a CGPA of 8.0 and above in a programme are awarded scholarships equivalent to 50% or 75% of the tution fees in subsequent years.

MERIT CUM MEANS SCHOLARSHIPS A limited number of merit-cum-means scholarships, equivalent to 25% of the tuition fees are awarded to students whose parental income is below Rs. 3 lakhs per annum and who obtain a CGPA of 7.0 and above.

ON CAMPUS OPPORTUNITIES The university also offers opportunities for on-campus assistantships and part-time jobs to exceptional students.