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How JKLU Prepares you for


The PG Diploma in Analysis and Research is a unique 1-year inter-disciplinary programme that helps develop core skills for careers and master’s in emerging fields of data, policy, economics, and more. It is structured with a blend of courses in mathematics, programming, economics, political science, academic writing, critical thinking etc. under the mentorship of esteemed faculty from world renowned institutions.

The programme operates under the aegis of the Lakshmipat Singhania Education Foundation. Click here to know more.

This program especially focuses on students from any 3-year undergraduate degree, gearing them for masters from USA by helping complete the 12+4 education requirement.

PGDAR program curriculum is designed with UMass Amherst University, one of the leading US University to provide students a global exposure.

Students develop a competitive portfolio benefiting from rich academic input combined with project based experiential learning. Specialized projects and workshops are integrated into the curriculum for overall development and growth of the student. This programme provides students with key analytical and research skills that are necessary to survive in today’s data-driven world, which allows them to thrive in their chosen careers. Given the wide applicability of the skills that students gain from this programme, and the multidisciplinary approach of the program students of any background can enroll. This allows them the opportunity to create their own unique career paths.

Students develop a competitive portfolio benefitting from rich academic input combined with project based experiential learning. Exciting opportunities such as incubating start-ups at the JKLU Atal Incubation Centre, interning with top MNC across various sectors of tech, finance, consulting etc., undertaking Research Assistantships with JKLU’s Centre for Data Sciences and many more customized projects are available for the students of the program. This allows students to apply what they learn in the classroom, and to build their experience.


  • Your gateway to master’s from Top Global Universities
  • Faculty from Global institutes like IIT, IIM, IISc, GeorgiaTech, INSEAD, UMass Amherst, Delhi School of Economics, Ashoka University etc
  • Workshops with leading academics and practitioners, research projects and mentoring to support your Master’s application
  • 1-year interdisciplinary program preparing you for Masters in the field of Data Analytics, Public Policy, Economics, and other emerging careers

Why PG Diploma in Analysis and Research at JKLU

Learn skills, subjects, and tools that prepares you for emerging careers in data analytics, public policy, economics etc.
Unique multidisciplinary curriculum that allows students to form niche career paths divergent from their undergraduate education
100% Placement Assistance
Gain project-based experiential learning with MNCs, start-up incubation centre, Centre for Policy Studies, Centre for Data Sciences etc.
Counselling to choose career paths and apply for Master’s abroad. Complete 12+4 education requirement for Master’s from top US universities
Small class sizes that give an intimate and inclusive class experience facilitating intense learning

Faculty at JKLU


  • Candidates must have an undergraduate (bachelor’s) degree in any discipline from an accredited institution or University.
  • Candidate should have an above-average academic record combined with extra-curricular engagement.


For 2022-23 To be updated soon.


Submission of application form


Personal Interview


Selection based on an overall evaluation of merit


PGD in Analysis & Research  

FEE Particulars Annual Fee in INR
Tuition and Academic Fee Rs 8,00,000
(-) Scholarship by Lakshmipat Singhania Education Foundation Rs 3,00,000
Net Tuition & Academic Fee Rs 5,00,000


To be paid in two equal instalments in respective semesters.

  • One time Caution Money (Refundable) of Rs.10,000 would be payable along with first year’s fee.
  • *Academic Fee will increase maximum by 10 % in each consecutive year.

Fees for accommodation, food and other facilities

For 2022-23 To be updated soon.

Type of Accommodation Annual Fee in INR
AC Room
Hostel Fee 65,000
Utility Charge 20,000
Mess Advance (On Actuals) 52,000
Total 1,37,000


Type of Accommodation Annual Fee in INR
Non AC Room
Hostel Fee 58,500
Utility Charge 2,500
Mess Advance (On Actuals) 52,000
Total 1,13,000

Transport fee of Rs 15,000 to be paid every semester if the student wishes to avail the JKLU transport facility from Jaipur city to JKLU campus on specified routes.

  • The above-mentioned fee as applicable to citizens of India and SAARC Countries.
  • Hostel charges are on annual basis.
  • Hostel charges for one academic year and the students are not allowed to leave the hostel during the semester.
  • Hostel fee, as above, is applicable to all boarding students.
  • Hostel rooms are on twin sharing basis. Hostel charges are subject to yearly revision.
  • Note: Hostel security deposit of Rs 5,000 payable along with first year’s fees.

Refund policy: Fee deposited for the registration is refundable till the beginning of the academic session. 10% processing fees will be deducted while processing the refund. Once the academic session begins, refund will be processed as per the UGC guidelines.

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