Admission started for 2020


The 2-year M.Des programme in product design is both people-centric and technology-led. It helps to create a new brand of individualistic product designers who enjoy creating with their hands and yet comfortable leveraging new age technology

Students take up collaborative assignments with the industry or become a design-led entrepreneur. They get equipped with contemporary practices so that they will be at ease with craft products as well as IoT products.

Students of Product Design are exposed to a curriculum that is current and contemporary. While they are introduced to new technologies, they are also equipped to become Systems thinkers whose work would contribute to the economy and sustainable living.

Their selection of projects will be from a variety of areas like agricultural products, medical products, products for children and products for the elderly. They will be working on improving lifestyle and on digital products that prepare them for the future.

Career Opportunities:

The graduates can find jobs in the manufacturing sector, in a variety of industries like automotive, consumer goods, industrial products, appliances etc. They will also be able to focus their work on being excellent innovators. With inputs in Engineering and Entrepreneurship, the design student is prepared to sit firmly in an organisation or start on his own.

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