Admission started for 2020

Interaction Design

The 2-year M.Des programme in interaction design is unique and relevant to the millennial generation. This programme caters to the new, hard-wired, device-friendly, young audiences who are as comfortable in the virtual world, as they are in the real world.

The programme is as much about digital devices as about analogue conversations. It is about cognitive sciences as well as computer sciences. Students will get first-hand experience of designing and developing complex systems that deliver delightful digital experiences. They get hands-on inputs to develop user-centric design. Courses in cognitive ergonomics, human-computer interface & UI / UX will help in creating good user experiences.

Basic understanding of coding helps them in developing digital products. They will work on real-life projects like designing apps and portals for new businesses. Students will be introduced to new methods of quick prototyping to validate their design solutions. Good grounding on typography, layouts, colour and form, help in developing interactions that are a visual delight. A grounding in Entrepreneurship, prepares them to work out design proposals and business plans.

Career Opportunities:

The graduates find opportunities as Interaction designers in technology companies and big corporations. They are also sought after by start-ups in digital products and app development. Organisations that develop software need UX or User experience designers who would interpret the manmachine interface. Service Design is another area of work for Interaction designers, who understands the Systemic approach to problem solving.

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