Admission started for 2020


Entrepreneurship plays a vital role in industrial development. It has been identified as one of the major trends shaping business, economy and even society. It has now emerged as profession.  That like other profession, it can be developed and fostered through specific educational and training programme is well evidenced by behavioural studies and experiments conducted across the regions. Entrepreneurship is not just about start-ups, venture capitalists, investors and so on. It is about building an entrepreneurial mindset. The combination of business management and entrepreneurship in this concentration is one of the most sought after knowledge spectrum today.

This concentration is about creating, managing and leading an entrepreneurial organisation. It would enable students to start dreaming big, visualizing and working towards the realization of their dreams. This will develop entrepreneurial skills among the students and encourage them to start their own.

The programme imparts essential knowledge of how to start one’s own business venture and the various facets that influence successful set up and operations. The teaching/ learning of entrepreneurship require greater focus on experiential learning. Engagements such as interactive sessions, cases, games, exercise, role plays, films, projects, assignments, simulation and group activities play a vital role in teaching various courses in this concentration.

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