Admission started for 2020


The 4 Year Programme in Interdisciplinary Design is a Unique opportunity for students who want to understand the breadth of design. It allows the students to explore facets of different disciplines including visual design, product design, interaction design, spatial and interior design, with a focus on problem solving and application.

Students will be able to take courses not only from various domains and disciplines of design but also from other institutes of the University. They will learn to leverage new age technology and hone an entrepreneurial mindset. The students will become adept at understanding form and aesthetics, visual language and user-centric approach to developing products and systems in any discipline. Graduates of Inter-disciplinary will develop a curious mindset and be able to work in unfamiliar environments as they are trained to deal with ambiguity.

Graduates of Inter-disciplinary design will find opportunities in large organization that wish to leverage design in their business as well as those start-ups where Design plays an important role. With inputs in Engineering and Entrepreneurship, the inter- disciplinary design student will have a distinct advantage to act as bridge between different functions in any environment and will also have the option to specialise later in an area of their choosing.

They will find work in design firms that do cross disciplinary work, creative agencies, start ups that need design inputs. They will also be singularly eligible to start their own agency. Many will go further into a specialization that they enjoyed in their undergraduate programme. Some will take the research route and may also excel in academics.

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