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The University has well equipped computer laboratories with Multiprocessor servers and latest PCs, Networking equipments and devices.

The software available includes various operating systems, compilers, simulation and modeling packages and development tools. These software packages and tools are useful for laboratory work as well as for professional development work.

Information Technology (IT) Centre

Computing facilities for the students include well-equipped labs having modern software. A state -of-the-art gigabit network connects every corner of the Institute. The students and faculty members have access to networked computers at their disposal. High-speed servers running on a Virtualized platform to suit all kinds of requirements support the entire network. A dedicated 155 Mbps optic fiber leased line and Campus wide Wi-Fi network enables round the clock Internet connectivity on the campus. Internet and cloud based Microsoft office 365 Email services are available to students and faculty round the clock in each and every hostel room and faculty house on the campus. LAN / WAN and Wi-Fi are functioning in the University.

JKLU IT Infrastructure


JKLU has setup start of the art server infrastructure using IBM X series 3650 Servers having 36 processing core and 192 GB of RAM. The setup is virtualized using VMware and Microsoft Hyper- V hypervisors. VDI (virtual desktop Infrastructure) setup has been created for running various labs which is powered by this server setup. Virtualization software solves the problem by enabling several operating systems and applications to run on one physical server or “host.” Each self-contained virtual machine (VM) is isolated from the others, and uses as much of the host’s computing resources as it requires. Few of the advantages are: Reduced capital and operating costs, consolidated hardware to get higher productivity with fewer servers, reduced power consumption, optimum utilization of each server.


To cater to the growing requirement of ERP/E-Mail/Internet applications, latest technology infrastructure is built within the campus. The sophisticated VLAN based Gigabit Local Area Network powered by Juniper Core switches is part of it. All the computer systems of Computer Lab, Hostel buildings, Faculty Members, Administrative officers, Staff members, Library etc. are connected to a structured Gigabit LAN

Internet & Wi-Fi

All the computer systems on Campus Area Network are connected to 100 Mbps exclusive optical fiber leased line for Internet connectivity. All the computers/laptops are connected to Internet through a secure UTM (Firewall) Device using SSL security. Internet surfing, cloud based Microsoft office 365 E-Mail Service is available round the clock. The institute has Campus wide Wi-Fi facility powered by Ruckus SZ100 series Wireless controller which is capable of connecting up to 1000 Wi-Fi Access points ( Dual Band, AC series).


The University has licensed application and system software. To name a few, Microsoft Campus Agreement- MS Windows Server 2016,  2012, MS Windows 10,7 , MS Project, MS Office 2019 , 2016,Office365, ANSYS 17, CREO 6.0 3 D Design Suit, MS Visual Studio 2017 ,2015,MS SQL Server 2016,2012, SPSS 19.0 , AutoCAD 2019, 2012,Fusion 360,Adobe Creative Cloud – All Apps, MATLAB 2016, ERP- TCS ION, RESIST, Ubuntu, Yatta UML, Bentley Student server, office365, Sophos InterceptX, communication lab-orell.

Network analysis Lab

Network analysis Lab based on Virtualization and VDI technology has been also setup in new lab block which is having 40 Thin PC’s. The complete lab performs computation on the virtualized central server setup to unleash the optimum use of available server hardware.

Modeling and Simulation Lab

Modeling and simulation Lab having High end Pc’s along with dedicated Graphic Card is also setup in new lab block. The Lab consists of 30 PCs for performing Simulations using packages like MATLAB, StadPro and other Software’s from Bentley Network Subscription.

Cisco Network Academy

JKLU successfully runs a networking skills training academy in collaboration with Cisco, the worldwide leader in networking that transforms how people connect, communicate, and collaborate. 70 students of JKLU have been enrolled in the academy so far. In addition to networking and ICT skills, the Networking Academy courses reinforce 21st century career skills such as problem-solving, communication, and teamwork. Cisco Networking Academy has equipped more than 4 million students in 165 countries with ICT and networking skills.

Bentley Academy

The Academy offers state-of-the-art designing and simulation facilities to the graduate students, research scholars and faculty members. The major software packages available are 3D CAD Design and Modeling (MicroStation PowerDraft V8i and MicroStation V8i), Transportation (Bentley MX Road Suite V8i and Bentley PowerCivil for country), Building Information Modeling (AECOsim, Building Designer V8i,AECOsim Energy Simulator V8i, Bentley Navigator and Bentley Connectins Passport), Offshore(Bentley Maxsurf Enterprise, SACS Marine Enterprise, SACS offshore Structure), Structural (STTAD Pro V8i, STAAD Foundation Advanced, STAAD Global Design Code, Bentley Power Rebor and RAM Concept V8I), Water and Waste Water (SewerGEMS V8i,WaterGEMS V8i, StormCAD V8i, CivilStorm V8i and HAMMER V8i), 3D Imaging, Point Clouds and Mapping (Bentley Descartes V8i, Bentley Map Enterprise and Bentley Pointools V8.

Microsoft Imagine Academy


JKLU is a registered member of the Microsoft Imagine Academy. The Academy program enables classroom and online learning, hands-on labs, and access to hundreds of courses, books, cutting-edge resources, and collaboration tools. We encourage our students to earn a Microsoft Certification after completing their course to give them the added advantage of entering the IT workforce with proven technical skills and an internationally-recognized Microsoft Certification.


IT Center has implemented TCS ION ERP system for functioning of the University and it is used at all levels of academics and administration. ERP empowers JKLU to focus on delivering high-quality education and not much thinking or worrying about the administrative process. . It enables university to take care of their entire administrative tasks and assists in repetitive resource-intensive activities through seamless automation like, admissions management, Timetable and attendance, academics management, Online Leave, HR, Finance and accounting, Purchase and inventory, Hostel, Payroll, student’s management, Fee, online claims, MIS, Reports in ERP system. Entire admission activity (from online Application form to final admission along with counseling, seat allotment, Fee deposit etc) has been done using TCS ION ERP.


LRC is subscribing wide range of E-resources, which includes e-journals, conference proceedings, databases and reports for the fulfillment of academic and research requirements. Access to e-resources is provided through KOHA Web OPAC. KOHA is web based integrated library systems installed on Linux platform. It is equipped with Acquisition, Cataloguing, Circulation, Serial Control and OPAC modules. It supports MARC21 and UNIMARC for professional cataloguing and z39.50 for copy cataloguing from reputed libraries. OPAC module provides access to the library catalogue. Through this module, users of the library will also be able to check their borrowing details, reserved items, make suggestions for new books, and update their personal details as well as add tags to books of their liking. This module provides a simple and clear search interface. Users are able to search through all fields of the database as well as within specific fields.

JKLU Digital Repository

JKLU Digital Repository setup using DSpace platform to organize and disseminate JKLU intellectual capital generated through various activities. One can browse full text & bibliographic information available in this repository. A portal to preserve and enhance availability of research content on demand, anytime and anywhere.

E-Learning and Collaboration Portal on TCS ION Cloud

It enables teaching and learning anytime, anywhere & at any level. It provide posting online facility to the faculties and student to share assignments, teaching notes, online quizzes, course files among the member of the student community.

Video Conferencing Facility

JKLU has a well-equipped Video Conferencing facility for the purpose of communication or visual interaction between students and anywhere in the world.