Centre for Entrepreneurship & Innovation

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Centre for Entrepreneurship & Innovation (CEI)

The Centre for Entrepreneurship & Innovation of JKLU is driven to ensure that smart student-led business ideas and promising ventures get the support and patronage they deserve and need. The Centre will proactively build a culture of mentorship and incubation that is so critical to entrepreneurial success.

We believe strongly in the power of entrepreneurship to change lives, societies, and countries. To aid this change, the Centre organizes for generating awareness about entrepreneurship and nurturing entrepreneurial competencies among students.


As a part of the Centre for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, we work proactively to build a culture of mentorship and incubation, which we believe is critical to entrepreneurial success. The centre provides a co- working space of entrepreneurs and encourage the young minds to innovate and think creatively, which can thus be implemented for the benefit of our society.

The Centre is proud to have been involved in helping build two student ventures in the last two years