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The Learning Resource Centre (LRC) came into existence as a constituent of the JK Lakshmipat University, Jaipur. The LRC aims to serve the needs of the Faculty, Research Scholars, Students and External Members of the LRC.

It is the heart of the University and acts as centre for the collection of literature predominantly related to management, engineering and technology and its allied subjects and develops a comprehensive collection of information that is useful for teaching and reference purposes. User satisfaction is the prime objective of LRC services. The library is situated in a multi- story building with a growing collection of Books, Journals and other reading materials. LRC is subscribing wide range of national and international periodicals and journals, in addition to an impressive collection of databases such as EBSCO (Business Source Elite & Academic Search Elite), corporate & technical annual reports and CDs, CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) publications, DELNET ProQuest Management and Engineering / Technology Collection and IEEE ASPP and POP Plan.

LRC resources are managed by KOHA software, which is a web-based integrated library system installed on a Linux platform. KOHA is equipped with Acquisition, Cataloguing, Circulation, and Serial Control and OPAC modules.

It supports MARC21 and UNIMARC for professional cataloguing and z39.50 for copy cataloguing from reputed libraries. OPAC module provides access to the library catalogue. Through this module, users of the library will also be able to check their borrowing details, reserved items, make suggestions for new books, and update their personal details as well as add tags to books of their liking. This module provides a simple and clear search interface. Users are able to search through all fields of the database as well as within specific fields.

LRC has three different zones to facilitate knowledge seekers and disseminators in different ways as follows:


It has been created on the first floor of the LRC, where all physical resources are available with all existing rules, procedures, and facilities to support individual readers for studying in a silent atmosphere.

Collaborative Zone

It has been created on the ground floor near the E-library to encourage discussion, collaboration, and other activities.

During Academic Session

Opening Hours 9.00am to 11.00pm (Monday to Friday)
  9.30am to 5.30pm (Saturday)
  10.00am to 6.00pm (Sunday)
LRC Closed Public Holidays
Circulation Timings 9.30am to 7.00pm (Monday to Friday)
  9.30am to 5.30pm (Saturday)
Photocopying/ Printing/ Scanning 9.30am to 5.30pm (Monday to Saturday)

During Vacation

Opening Hours 9.00am to 6.00pm (Monday to Friday)
  9.30am to 5.30pm (Saturday)
  Public Holidays
LRC Closed Sundays, 2nd and 4th Saturday
Circulation Timings 9.30am to 5.30pm (Monday to Saturday)
Photocopying/ Printing/ Scanning 9.30am to 5.30pm (Monday to Saturday)

All visitors of the LRC must exhibit respectable behavior and respect the rights of other users. The rules are framed to facilitate and promote services in an efficient manner, rather than to constrain the use of LRC-LC collection and services.

Following rules and guidelines must be observed by every user of LRC-Learning Commons:

  • 1. This facility is only available to JKLU students, fraternity and guests with valid ID proof.
  • 2. All members are requested to make entry at the property counter in visitors register.
  • 3. The place is meant for education and learning purpose, so sanctity and decorum of the place should be maintained.
  • 4. Visitors are expected to keep their mobile phones and other electronic devices in the silent or vibrate mode and lower their voices in the LRC-LC premises.
  • 5. Visitors are expected to be attired appropriately at all times when inside the LRC-LC.

Visitors are requested to help us achieve the goal of preservation, cleanliness, and safety by observing the following policies:

*Food and beverages are not allowed, except for water bottle.

*Lost and found items are kept at the security/ property counter and will be passed to the University’s Lost and Found desk on the next working day.

*Users are expected to never leave personal properties unattended in the Learning Commons otherwise advised to place at property counter on their own risks.

Damaging LRC property is a serious offense.

Borrowing of LRC Materials

JKLU Learning Resource Centre provides access to all reading materials. A full range of loan services is available for the materials that are in general stack. These services include circulation (check in and check out) and shelving of materials. Circulation staff in the LRC also assists in placing reservation and recall request on items that are issued out and help users in locating items in the stack area.


Membership for JKLU Community

All registered students, faculty members and staff of the University are entitled to register as members of the LRC and to use the facilities and services offered for the purpose of their academic, research and administrative work. Use of LRC facilities and services implies acceptance of LRC rules and procedures.

External Membership

Individuals and Organizations can become deposit borrowers. Borrowing privileges and refundable deposits for various categories are as follows.

Deposit Users:

Membership Category Refundable Deposit Borrowing Privilege Annual Service Charges
Alumni Rs. 5,000 1 Book for 10 Days Rs. 500
Individual Rs. 5,000 1 Book for 10 Days Rs. 1000
Organization / Institutional Rs. 20,000 03 Book for 10 Days Rs. 5000

Note:The total price of the book/s issued to deposit borrowers shall not be exceeding 75% of the amount of deposit.

Non-Deposit Users

For one month Rs. 100.00
For one year Rs. 1000.00

Non-Deposit users have to pay as follows for regular reference only and not for loan:

Reference and consultation of resources.

Access to subscribed online resources in the LRC premises.

Number of books to be issued (Mentioned under borrowing privilege)

Duration/Issue period: 10 days (One time renewable).

Printout/photocopy of articles: Rs. 5/- per page + the actual postage / courier charges.

Visitor Information

LRC serves primarily the JKLU Community. However, visitors from other academic and research institutions, Government officials, prominent personalities, officials from JK Organizations and others associated with JKLU are welcome to use the collection and services of the LRC on the site for a short duration. No borrowing facility is available to Visitors. Visitor pass is issued on producing identification documents such as ID card, Voters ID card letter from the parent institution. Advance intimation about the visit is highly appreciated. Please contact the Circulation Desk on arrival.

Circulation Policies

Borrowing of reading material facility is available to the faculty, PhD Scholar, students, staff of the university. The registration to use the LRC and services is automatic for the faculty and staff on joining the University and for students on receiving list from respective Institutes. The rules are framed to facilitate and promote services in efficient manner, rather than to constrain the use of LRC collection and services.

Borrowing Privileges for JKLU Communities

Faculty/Visiting Faculty/Academic Staff

10 Books – for 30 Days

1 Reference books- for 2 days

1 Bound volumes / 1 loose back issue of a journal for 2 days

2 CD/VCD/DVD/Video etc.- for 2 days

Administrative and Project Staff, including Trainees

5 Books for 30 Days

1 Bound volume/ 1 loose back issue of a journal for 2 days

Research Scholars (Ph.D. Scholar)

4 Books – for 30 Days

PG Students

4 Books for 10 days

UG Students

4 Books for 10 days

Late Fee –Rs.5.00 per day

General Rules (Circulation)

Issue return of LRC materials are handled from the Circulation Desk during working hours.

Borrowers are requested to ensure that the books are properly issued or returned in the database.

The borrowers will not be issued book/ material to which he/ she is entitled, if he/ she fails to return the overdue book/ material.

LRC users are requested to bring their ID cards while coming to the LRC.

The borrower is requested to check the books other reading materials thoroughly for missing pages, chapters, any damages, markings etc. before borrowing.

No book in damaged conditions may be accepted from the borrower. Mutilated or spoiled books may have to be replaced by the borrower.

The borrowing facility can be restricted or suspended in case of misbehavior or misuse of the LRC facilities/ materials.

Resource Centre materials will be issued/ returned, only if borrower shows the ID card at the circulation Desk.

The ID card used for borrowing LRC materials is not transferable and must be produced whenever requested by LRC staff.

Members are responsible for all items issued on their name, until they are returned by the respective members to the Resource Centre.

Latest issues of journals/ magazines are not issued. They are meant to be referred in the LRC only.

Materials designated as Newspapers are not issued. They are meant to be referred in the LRC only.

Faculty and staff going on long leave, with or without salary, deputation, study leave, or extraordinary leave will have to return all borrowed materials before proceeding for leave.

No material from the LRC should be taken out without proper issue/ recording. Any type of violation may lead to a disciplinary action.

Materials issued from the LRC are to be returned at the Circulation Desk during the working hours.

Materials issued have to be returned on or before the due date.


LRC usually sends reminders to members for the overdue items, However, not getting the reminders is no reason for returning books not on time.

Late fee

Overdue/ Fine is charged to the members as per the details given in the Borrower Privilege Table.

Members who have overdue item(s) outstanding are not permitted to borrow any materials until the overdue items have been returned and fines are paid.

If the fine amount exceeds Rs.50.00, the membership will be blocked and new materials will not be issued.

Maximum fine amount will be limited to the price of the book.


LRC materials can be renewed, if they are not reserved by other users.

Same materials cannot be renewed more than once.

Borrower has to bring the material physically to the LRC for renewal.

Journals, reference books, CDs etc., (other than books) will not be renewed.

No renewal will be entertained at the time of examination.


Resource Centre staff may recall a book at any time before its due date. The overdue charges will increase in case member fails to return the book when it is due or recalled.


Members can reserve only those materials, which are already issued at the Circulation Desk.

Book displayed on new arrival shelf can be reserved.

One reader can reserve maximum two books at any given point of time.

If book has more than one reservation it will be reserved on first come first serve basis.

Reserved books will be put on hold at the Circulation desk for maximum two working days (inclusive of the day on which it is returned and hold period can be reduced keeping demand in view) from the date of return by previous borrower. If the member who has reserved the book fails to pick up the same within this period the reservation stands cancelled and the next member in the list will get priority.

The availability of reserved items will be informed through email.

Loss of / Damage to Learning Resource Centre (LRC) material

Loss of book(s) must be reported immediately.

Overdue fine, if any will be charged till the loss of book(s) is reported.

If the original book is returned after reporting it is lost, the fine will be calculated till the date of its return.

Borrower will have to replace the book, if lost/ damaged with latest edition within 30 days from reporting, along with overdue charges.

If the lost book is out of print and if the borrower is unable to replace it, he/ she will have to pay the double the cost of the book.

If the lost book is a part of multivolume series, the borrower will be charged for the entire set.

The price of the book/ document once received will not be refunded under any circumstances even if the original book/ document is recovered.

The document once replaced with a new copy, will not be returned under any circumstances even if the original document is recovered.

In case of loss of the book/ document whose value cannot be determined (price of book / document is not available or the book is rare) the penalty will charged by the library incharge / librarian after judging the value of the book on the basis of the preciousness of the material.

Photocopy / Print / Scan Service

Photocopy / Print / Scan facility is for the library materials only particularly for copying research papers published in journals, conference proceedings for academic and research work without violating the copy right act. Following charges are applicable for different user groups and service.

Category Photocopy Charges Printing Charges Scanning Charges
Official Free* Free* Free*
Faculty/ Officers Staff (Personal) Rs. 1.00 per page Rs. 2.00 per page Rs. 2.00 per page
Students Rs. 1.50 per page Rs. 2.00 per page Rs. 2.00 per page
External users Rs. 2.00 per page Rs. 2.00 per page Rs. 2.00 per page
*Please submit the filled up form approved by the competent authority which is available in Photocopy room.
#A3 paper print, Photocopy and Scanning charges would be double.

User Orientation

In order to enable the students to use the LRC resources fully, the LRC initiates a User Education / Orientation activity by dedicating a session on LRC usage in the beginning of new academic session as well as in the LRC during the semester.

Reference and Information Services

Reference Service is to assist students, faculty, researchers and staff in locating the required information, or information sources available in the LRC or elsewhere. It is a personal service, which involves various activities, aimed at making information available to the users as easily as possible. In order to provide information, our professional staff makes use of resources of the LRC as well as those resources available outside the library. This service is provided personally or by e-mail.

LRC General Rules

LRC is a place for individual study and research therefore members are requested to maintain an atmosphere of dignity, peace and silence within the LRC premises.

Entry to the Resource Centre is restricted to the bona fide members on production of ID Card.

All members are requested to make entry at the property counter in visitors register.

All members are requested to keep their personal belongings, personal book and other reading materials at the Property Counter at their risks. LRC is not responsible for loss or damage.

No material including books, CDs, newspapers, magazines etc. from the LRC should be taken out until it is checked out. Any type of violation may lead to a disciplinary action and suspension of Resource Centre Membership.

Members are requested to handle the LRC reading materials with utmost care. Mutilation, writing, scribbling, marking, cutting pages are serious offence that will be severely dealt with.

The use of personal stereos, music sets, walkmans in the LRC is not permitted.

The audible use of mobile phones is not permitted in the LRC premises.

User should “SWITCH OFF / SILENT MODE” mobile/ Cell phone in the LRC.

Suggestions for procurement of new books other reading materials, if any, from student members may be sent to the librarian.

Members may kindly inform the Resource Centre immediately of any change in their contact address including email.

Members are requested to leave the reading materials on the reading tables. The Resource Centre staff will shelve these materials. However, newspapers and magazines should be replaced on the display shelves after reading.

Smoking, food and drinks are not allowed in the LRC.

Members are required to show the items to the LRC staff at the Circulation Desk/ Property Counter when requested.

The librarian reserves the right to suspend the membership of any member found misbehaving with the LRC staff. No user will be allowed to argue with the library staff.

LRC Reading Room Facility

Rules and Procedures for Reading Room Facility

Reading Room facility (Personal Books and Library Issued Books reading in the LRC) will be available as per following schedule in library working hours:

7:00pm to 11:00pm (Monday to Friday)

9.30am to 5.30pm (Saturday)

10.00am to 6.00pm (Sunday)

It is mandatory for the students to carry their Identity Cards. Students without Identity Cards will not be allowed to avail Reading Room Facility. The Students will be permitted to carry only 3 (Three) books at any one time.

Please mention number of books being carried for reading in the LRC in the remarks column of visitors register mentioning if it is personal book or library book. Write the Accession No. in case of library book.

Show all personal, library books at the circulation counter for Reading in LRC. Person available at the Circulation counter will put a library seal and date on the back of personal book as well as on library book on due date slip near due date stamp. The student / user will have to deposit his / her Identity Card at the Circulation Counter and the same will be returned to the student when he / she leave the library. Library staff will stick a note mentioning the number of personal and library books on the Identity Card for reference.

While leaving the library please show all the books at the Circulation Counter, Library Staff will check the books to ensure that the student are carrying back the same books that have been bought into the library by cancelling the Library Seal and returning the Identity Card. The Library Staff is liable to retain the Identity Card in case of any discrepancy and the discrepancy will be treated as a case of indiscipline.

At the security counter please cancel the entry of books in remarks column after the security personal checks cancelled seal and date of the book carried for reading in the LRC.

Reading Room facility will be available to all users for reading purpose. Any act of misuse or indiscipline will result in debarring the facility to the respective student / user.

Users are requested to cooperate in maintaining library services.

LRC has a collection of books, journals and other reading materials in the area of Management, Engineering, Humanities and Social Sciences and allied subjects taught in the University. This collection includes text-books, general and reference books, conference proceedings, CD-ROMs, VCDs, DVDs etc. LRC collection is growing rapidly.

Print / Physical Collection:

General Collection

Books, monographs etc., are a part of this collection. This collection is located on the ground floor stack area next to the Circulation Desk. These materials can be borrowed by the LRC members.

JKLU Publication (JKLU)

JKLU publications received under various series in book form are kept in this collection. One copy out of five copies received is kept reserved and other copies can be borrowed and are arranged by the publication no.

Reference (Ref) Books Collection

Reference (Ref) books such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, directories, handbooks, geographical sources, manuals and other related reading materials are located in the stack area on the ground floor next to the general stack with separate labels indicating the reference collection. User can refer/ use them in the LRC only/ not allowed to borrow.

M P Ranjan – JKLU Design Resource Centre (MPRC)

Books received from Prof. M P Ranjan are kept in the M P Ranjan – JKLU Design Resource Centre is available for reference only and not allowed to borrow / circulation. This collection has unique titles related to design, art, handicrafts, innovation, creativity etc.

Reserve Book (RB) Collection

Reserve Book (RB) Collection consists one copy out of three multiple copies of each text and reference book as well as competitive exam preparation books available in single copy are kept in this section. These materials are kept behind the reference collection and borrowing is not allowed.

Current Print Subscription

LRC subscription of journals/ magazines and newspapers are kept in this section and arranged for display under their main streams alphabetically.

Management Journals and Magazines (A-Z)

Engineering Journals and Magazines (A-Z)

General Reading Journals and Magazines (A-Z)

Bound Volumes of Journals (BV)

All peer reviewed and selected journals are bounded by the LRC after receiving all volumes and are kept in a section at ground floor of the LRC. Bound volumes are kept behind the reference collection and borrowing is not allowed.

Student Project Reports

This collection has Minor Research Projects and Summer Training Reports submitted in different institutions by the students. This collection is sub categorized in MRP (Minor Research Project) and ST (Summer Training Report) and arranged with program name and batch details for convenience of the users. Borrowing is not allowed and kept behind the Reserve Books Collection.

Theses (TH)

PhD Theses submitted in the university and donated by users and faculty are arranged in this collection are stacked behind Reserve Book Collection. User can refer/ use them in the LRC only/ not allowed for borrowing.

Standards (SD)

Various standards published by well-known Standard Implementation and development organizations are kept in this collection are stacked behind Reserve Book Collection and near to Theses. User can refer/ use them in the LRC only/ not allowed for borrowing.

Psychological Instrument / HRD Instruments (PI)

Psychological Instrument (PI) Collection refers to various psychological instruments with manual and questionnaires especially useful for researchers to use established instrument in their research. This collection in kept behind the Reserve Book Collection and borrowing is not allowed except exceptional cases.


Multimedia or CD-DVD (CD)

All CDs and DVDs received as accompanying material or purchased separately for teaching and research purpose are kept here and arranged accession wise. These can be referred in the LRC only on production of ID Card and are not meant for borrowing except for the faculty.

Full Text Journals Databases

Plagiarism Check

ASK A LIBRARIAN is a ready reference service to provide research and academic assistance in a multiple ways. This service is available to the JKLU-LRC students, faculty, and staff.

Other users are welcome to use ASK A LIBRARIAN service for questions dealing specifically with information related to the LRC and its collections.

Dr. Mustahsan Usmani Raja

Ph. No. 0141 – 7107 529

Email: lrc@jklu.edu.in

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