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One of the most important parts of the experience of a student’s life at JKLU is their engagement in the numerous student-led activities, clubs and events held at the university all year round. These prove to be an ocean of opportunities to contribute to and enrich the campus experience culturally and intellectually. The students are the key drivers of the clubs and activities in the campus and are responsible for the designing, deliberating and implementing various initiatives throughout the year.

Anunad (Music Club)

A group of extremely talented singers and musicians, Anunad is the music club of JKLU and is responsible for promoting various music activities and practises in the student body and to represent the university externally. On most evenings, you can enjoy their jamming sessions in the campus!

Steppers (Dance Club)

A club that unites dance enthusiasts at JKLU, creating a pool of dancers trained and self-taught in different forms. The club creates a space for peer-to-peer learning and members of the club perform at different intra and inter college events.

Technosmart (Coding Club)

With group of coding champs, this club has members deeply interested in exploring the ever-evolving world of coding. The students participate in events such as hackathons and organise workshops and training activities within the university.

Inquisitors (Quiz Club)

A club for the Quiz brains of the university, this group of students drive quiz competitions within the university and represent the university outside as well.

The Shade (Photography Club)

One of the most enthusiastic and hardworking clubs of JKLU, the shade is a group of motivated students, passionate about photography, cinematography and film-making. From exhibitions, competitions, film-making, editing to covering all events at JKLU, The Shade works with all its members to develop their interest and skills

The Parlance (Debate Club)

The Debate Club of JKLU is one that is not just interested in becoming skilled communicators and debaters but also in helping others get over their fear of public speaking. Through various regular initiatives, The Parlance organises a number of events in the University as well as facilitates participation in related events outside

ARC (Robotics Club)

The Robotics Club of JKLU is an embodiment of the values of ‘learning by doing’ that we stand for. These are a group of students who believe in experimenting and implementing what they learn in classrooms. Through competitions focused on creating and building, you can often find these students in Robo-wars!

Rangmanch (Drama Club)

Through various themes, emotions and stories, Rangmanch presents some of the most hard-hitting realities of the society around us. With mime acts, skits, plays, nukkad nataks, and many other forms, these theatre enthusiasts raise the bar with every performance

Finanza (Finance Club)

The finance wizards of JKLU, these are students who are particularly interested in the understanding and mastering the field of Finance. Through brainstorming activities, case study competitions, this club aims to develop interest as well as improve competency in students with respect to the field.

Sportivo (Sports Club)

Sports activities forms one of the most integral parts of the JKLU experience as the sports culture in the campus is extremely vibrant. The University has brilliant sports facilities and the club, in collaboration with various coaches, coordinators and the Sports Officer helps in keeping sports a prominent part of JKLU.

Media Club

Formed by a group of students passionate about understanding the world of media, advertising and social media campaigns, the Media Club of JKLU works with different stakeholders to help project and tell the stories of JKLU better.

Literary Club

This newly formed club of JKLU is a student-led initiative to enhance activities around the campus like book-reading, discussions, discourses, story-telling and other initiatives that contribute to build understanding of different areas and perspectives.

Community Development Club

This club is the platform for initiatives to help the JKLU family engage and contribute to the community around them. Through different kinds of drives and events, the club helps its  members in understanding, building relationships and connecting with their immediate surroundings.

Sabrang – Annual Tech-Management Fest

SABRANG is JKLU’s biggest annual fest celebrated since 2011. Students from all across the country participate to showcase their talent and get the opportunity to compete and interact with other students. A perfect opportunity to enjoy the gloss of colors, all at the same place, be it music, art, technical & managerial competition, concert, and theatre. You name it, we have it! A plethora of activities that make every student to dive deep into their inner self and realize their potential.

Spardha – Annual Sports Fest

SPARDHA, the National-level Sports Fest of JKLU Jaipur is a  a 3-day festival hosted at the JKLU campus  share the passion, skills and sporting talent of the students from different colleges and universities from Jaipur and other parts of the country. It provides them with a platform to showcase their talent and represent their institution. Across 16 different sports and athletic events, Spardha sees a participation of over 1000 sports persons from more than 30 institutions.