Why Choose BBA: Is it the Ideal Way to Kick-Start Your Career

Why Choose BBA: Is it the Ideal Way to Kick-Start Your Career

Are you willing to shape your career in the field of Management? Do you want all your 12th board’s hard work turned into a promising future? Then pursuing Bachelors in Business Administration will anchor your career in the desired direction.

Why choose a BBA course?

This question has engulfed many students’ dilemmas. Let’s understand the root cause of what is the need for the importance of business administration in today’s time. 

Globalization and Industrialization have transformed today’s market manifolds. The business is thriving like never before. Like this the aptest time in the history of human’s lives when they get a job done with a matter of a click. 

However, how has it all been happening? That is the question which should be pondered upon.

So it is the management which is making it happened, knowingly and unknowingly!  

The management is like the binding force which brings all the vertices, all the dimensions and all the people together in a professional world today.

BBA or Bachelor’s in Business Administration is a graduation level course which trains students in all the aspects of management. It is a wholesome course which is inclusive of all the training skills that are required to make students industry-ready. The training is student-friendly, which means, it is designed in such a way that it can be learnt quite easily. 

The course adopts a holistic approach in tapping the hidden talent of students in a bit by bit process. 

Let’s understand the design of the BBA curriculum:-

  1. The BBA course is a 3 year-long course which is further divided into semesters.
  2. The difficulty level (in simple words, the exposure) in each semester levels up.
  3. The course comprises various subjects such as Business strategy, communication, operations business statistics, marketing, various management vertices. Etc.
  4. In the second year, students get various opportunities to do internships, live projects. They get a chance to attend and interact with leaders through webinars, seminars, etc.  


A Launchpad for the Professional Development of Students

Through such intense training, students get an experience of the simulation of the professional world, how it works, performs, etc. in a way that instils an in-depth understanding of the know-how of the commercial world. 

It prepares students for managerial roles. If we analyze the business at ground level, we’ll see various domains working like united coaches of trains. They all are united and together yet different. Similarly, an organization has various departments such as Human resources, finance, operations, marketing, sales, communication, and whatnot. 

During a BBA course, students understand the fundamentals of all these verticals. 

Also, undeniably, many graduates lack a basic sense of business communication. It plays one of the most crucial roles in the business world today. It can make and break the business. So effective communication overall and in each sub-department is an invaluable virtue.  

Students get an opportunity to groom themselves, polish their skills in three years of pursuing the course. 

BBA is available in integrated format too. Now, in integrated BBA courses, students get a golden opportunity to pursue master’s alongside the bachelor as one course. This, in simple words, can be boiled down as students get the opportunity to do BBA and MBA in one go. So it is as per an individual interest what to opt for. 

Checklist before you apply for BBA:-

So now, you’re seeking to pursue a BBA, here are some preconditions which one must fulfil before applying for a BBA course:-

  1. One has to complete their education till 10+2 before applying for the BBA course.
  2. The students may or may not have to appear for an entrance examination. It completely varies from college to college.
  3. It depends from university to university what 12th minimum passing marks they set as one of their eligibility criteria. However, a percentage of more than 60% is a safe score. 

So if the checklist is marked, then you’re good to go. However, the most important eligibility requisite is- you should have the drive and passion to master the art of management. Without that drive and desire, everything will become mechanical. So you should have that inner longing to create value in such a field. Of course, without a speck of doubt, a lucrative future is lying ahead in the path but that should come from a lot of value creation and contribution in the society. 

Unlock a new career path with BBA: Career Opportunities

BBA opens a great path in front of you and there are many options int. You have to learn to choose it right.  

Domains: You can choose to work in HR, finance, marketing, strategic communication, branding, marketing and sales etc. You can specialize in any of them by either pursuing a job or doing masters. It is again an individual calling and is a matter of personal interest.

Roles: Students get a chance to work as trainee, managers, etc. at an entry-level. After some years of experience and skill development, they are designated at more responsible roles. 

Master’s Degree: There are various options in the master’s as well. People can pursue an MBA in their desired domains. They can do it full time, part-time or executive as per their availability.

Sectors: All the sectors, literally all the sectors including travel, educational, technology and whatnot, everyone looks out for a person who is good at business understanding. You just have to choose your domain, rest all will be eager to choose you. Become a first-class person in this domain, the opportunities and endless and will come to you at the right time.

Post Graduate Diploma in Management: Students can do a PG diploma as well. It is a one-year professional course. So if someone feels the desire to do a short term skill-building course, he/ she can opt for a PG Diploma in Management. 

Startups: A startup environment allows people to see a business grow from 0 to 100. And how about starting your own? So if you have been a person who has finally learned the dynamics of business, and has an idea, execution plan and has taken the calculative risk, then you’re good to start your own business too. India after countless years, is taking the initiative to support emerging business ideas. This not only helps you, the economy of the country but also creates opportunities for others as well.

Salary prospects: Let’s get straight to the numbers. The growth is immense in this field. At an entry-level, the salary varies from 25k to 30k per month. As the exposure and experience increases, the salary starts growing too, like Rs 50 k per month or a lakh per month. It is completely relative and depends on one’s quality of work. These are just average facts and figures. 

The above reasons must have given you the clarity on why choose BBA after 10+2. It opens up multiple career avenues in terms of further education and professional career. 

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