Understanding the Green HR Management Practices and their Significance

Understanding the Green HR Management Practices and their Significance

The corporate world is one of the major stakeholders in any discussion about the environmental issues, and interestingly, it is also one of the solutions to environmental hazards. The blame of some of the biggest hazards like pollution, waste disposal, encroachment, and more fall on the shoulders of the industries. Thus, in the last two decades, there has been a worldwide consensus on the proactive role of the corporate world in environmental management. In this aspect, it is important to mention that the implementation of any corporate environmental program involves working together of several units like marketing, HR, Finance, IT, and so on. Among these, the most important contributor is obviously the human resource management unit.

Human Resource Management is one of the most important parts of the management as it deals with the chief resource of any company i.e. the manpower. Currently, there is a major emphasis on the incorporation of sustainable practices in Human Resource Management. To give a simple idea of Green Human Resource Management, we can define it as the implementation of Human Resource policies that encourage the sustained use of resources within the business and promote the cause of environmentalism, which can, in turn, boost employee morale. One can also define Green Human Resource Management as the use of policies and practices that promote sustainable use of business resources leading to prevention of any untoward harm coming on from environmental concerns in the organization. No matter how you define it, its significance to the employees, employers, and the consumers, in the world faced with rising environmental degradation, is undeniable.

The earlier notion was that any environmental initiative would negatively affect the performance of an organization as it would have to invest more resources than it usually does. Economic outcomes were considered as the most captivating to any firm and factors like environmental concerns, hence, always took a backseat. Thankfully, those ideas have lost their ground in the 21st century, and in fact, green environmental effects are considered to be more practical today for increased economic gains. The Green Human Resource initiatives are the empirical platforms for companies that lead to an enhanced outcome by attainment of employees’ satisfaction and customer loyalty.

There are multiple avenues for the implementation of Green Human Resource Management practices in an organization. It can be carried out through green recruitment, development and training, performance management and appraisal, pay and reward, compensation and employment relations, and so on. However, before going into its implementations, it is necessary to emphasize and understand the significance of Green Human Resource practices for the environment and organizations.

The implications of Green Human Resource Management are manifold, but the foremost one relates to waste management practices. It is indeed true that application of environmentally sound waste management practices may lead to higher initial costs, thereby adding to the company’s expenditures. However, after the initial few months are over, the waste management practices start showing rich dividends, which turn out to be beneficial for a company in the long run. The only thing needed on the employees and employer’s part is to be patient enough to look at the long-term goals rather than the short ones.

A lot of the corporate business is dependent on market reputation of a company. The well-strategized corporate marketing ideas coming together with Green Human Resource Management practices show that the company has the edge over its competitors in the market. The consumer is naturally drawn towards a company which keeps the environment first, and the trustworthiness translates into profits for the company.

Besides, the Green Human Resource Management practices have been also found to be linked with better employee performances within a company. It has been seen that such practices and policies have led the employees to be better motivated in the deliverance of results. The fact is that it is not as if individuals are reluctant to be environmentally responsible, but it is the chance that is lacking due to a company’s strict policy framework. Now, if the framework itself encourages sustainable practices, the employees will be more than ready to join as it generates more of a pride in the work done. The Green Human Resource Practices can eventually enhance the human capital of an organization by aiding a boost in employee capabilities, leading to rise in productivity and performance outcomes. Thus, with Green Human Resource Practices, there is straightaway twice the gain for a company i.e. better employee performance and fulfilling an important social responsibility.

We, at the JK Lakshmipat University, understand the rising importance of Green Human Resource ideas in the corporate world. We believe that environmental concerns are not a trend to be followed, rather a necessity to be incorporated. To that end, we have incorporated sustainable ideas as an important aspect of our curriculum of both our graduate and postgraduate management courses. The idea is not just to introduce the students to new environmentally safe practices but also to let them take the wisdom of the tried and tested concepts and modifying them to make them sustainable.

We, at JKLU, have very well identified that the significance of the introduction of green management practices also pertains to the career of our students. With the concept gaining popularity in the corporate world, one of the most common questions nowadays that students are often faced with in their job interviews relate to their ideas of application of environmental aspects in their work. With such questions, the recruiters wish to gauge the extent of a candidate’s ideas on environmental designs and concepts. Our program curriculum and teaching pedagogy, which keeps the students informed and updated about the Green HR Management practices, have proven to be of immense help for the students in handling such interview questions, and also, later on, when they take up the responsibility in an organization.

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