PhD Entrance Test ( Round 3) on July 19, 2021

Early Admissions (Round 2) Open 2021

My Favourite Professor- By Anukriti Ojha

StudentJune 17, 2021
It all started a couple of years back when I graduated from IHM Bhopal and came to JK Lakshmipat University to pursue my Masters I was unaware of the fact that the upcoming two years of my life are going to be an absolutely new experience It was full of extremities with plethora of emotions and a... read more

My First Year at JKLU- By Nishan Mukhopadhyay

StudentJune 15, 2021
It has been almost a year since I joined college and I have not stepped into my classroom even once During my childhood, this would have been my dream, but now when it has actually come true, I have realized the importance of school and college life, the teachers, the campus, the cafeteria I have... read more
JKLU’s Collaboration with International Universities

JKLU’s Collaboration with International Universities

adminDecember 7, 2017
With the world getting closer and connected, education today has started transcending borders By fostering a relationship with international universities and academic bodies, it is possible to leverage mutual capabilities for the exchange of ideas, experiences, research, and faculty Academic... read more
How Your College Education Influences Your Future Professional Growth

How Your College Education Influences Your Future Professional Growth

adminNovember 20, 2017
  The top priority for any ambitious student always remains at learning and equipping himself/herself with skills that are valuable both personally and professionally However, what one needs to realize is that learning is not, and should not be, confined to the classrooms When students take... read more
Effective Committees at JKLU

Effective Committees at JKLU

adminNovember 9, 2017
Educational institutes are no longer just a place for obtaining theoretical and practical knowledge of a subject Educational institutes have a duty to emphasize on holistic development We, at the JK Lakshmipat University, take it as our responsibility and duty to provide a safe and secure platform... read more