Skills Recruiters Look for in MBA Graduates

Skills Recruiters Look for in MBA Graduates

Skills Recruiters Look for in MBA Graduates

An MBA degree definitely feels like a golden ticket to all the lucrative corporate jobs that you have dreamt of bagging. But the truth of the matter is that, with the corporate hiring procedures getting more grueling by the day, having just a management degree from any institute is no longer going to make the cut. When your area of study is such a professional course like management, the recruiters naturally look for that something extra in the candidate which goes beyond just the academic know-how. The graduates need to be more realistic about the roles that the MBA degree qualifies them for and work towards honing the skills that make them the most valued assets to the company that they join in. The following are some of the skills that the top MBA employers look for in the employees:

Leadership Skills

This ability deserves the topmost position in the long list of required skillset in a managerial candidate. A manager is, first and foremost, the leader of one or more teams and as the popular saying goes: a team can get only as good as the one helming it. A good leader inspires those working with and around him/her and leads by his/her own example. An individual with an unfaltering sense of direction and pride in his/her own line of the work is the leader any corporate looks to have on the team.

Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills are essential for anyone entrusted with a leadership role wherein inspiring and working with others means the difference between failure and success. You can think of this as one of the most significant soft skills, and as such has always topped the wish list of the employers. Right from peers, clients, to every other member of the team that you are managing, your social skills take you far in motivating and managing it all. Lacking in skills like this will highly impede your ability to engage in the much-needed networking. Your clients will never come to share the hottest opportunities with you if you are not able to engage with them.

Prioritizing Skills

A manager has more than one responsibility on his/her able shoulders, and in such a scenario, the ability to prioritize is definitely the foremost of his/her skills. Things like time management and categorizing tasks are counted as a huge plus in the existing skill set of a manager. Skills like these help the works get done faster as the manager knows which the duties he and his team must attend to are and at what period of time should they be taken up. Only a manager who knows the importance of his tasks is able to delegate those accordingly to his team.

Internet Skills

The impact of digital technologies is seen in all of the modern business trends. In fact, taking a venture to the next level of success is never possible without enough technical knowledge on the part of a manager. Thus, an individual who is well-versed in the various facets of technology right from data handling software to the functioning of AI is nothing short of an asset for any business. Any management curriculum worth its salt is now based on the amalgamation of technology and academics to develop well-rounded business administrators.

Financial Forecasting Skills

Not every MBA graduate has finance as a specialization but that does not imply the lack of insight into the monetary aspect of a business. Through a comprehensive curriculum and coursework, every MBA graduate should develop enough understanding of the monetary aspects to partake in the financial forecasting for the organization. Knowledge about the financial aspect is also important to understand the decisions coming from the higher rungs of an organization and spread those instructions among the team working under you.

Training Skills

Your job does not end at managing the day to day activities of a firm. An important facet of the managerial position is training your subordinates. A manager not only handles a team but that team is led to its level of high-efficiency through the handiwork of the manager. Hence, your ability to coach or train others is held in high regards by any recruiter. This ability is rather easy to measure by the employers as well because only an individual who has enough clarity about his/her own line of work and responsibilities can turn out to be a good mentor to others seeking to learn from him/her.

Strategic Skills

Strategic skills are the primary take away from an MBA degree as through the course you learn to move from a functional role and learn to look at the bigger picture ahead. Your ability to see the future of an organization, the pathway to reaching the goals, and how to deal with the market forces and competitors are the skills that will earn you favors from the employer. The recruiters generally gauge this ability of strategic thinking right at the interview where candidates are given certain hypothetical issues and asked to think of a well-planned solution to it.

Though the list of the required skill set is long and illustrious, imbibing them is certainly not a challenge when you are with the right institute. We, at the JK Lakshmipat University, ranked as the best college for MBA in Rajasthan, aim to inculcate the most relevant skills among our management students to make them future ready in the true sense. Ranked among the top 10 colleges for MBA in Jaipur, we, at JKLU, understand that theoretical knowledge is just the basis of management education, and to be viable in the very demanding corporate world, practical perspicacity is one of the most important criteria. To that end, our mentors dedicatedly work at honing the acumen of each student so as to ensure that the recruiters can find just the right experts that they are looking for to welcome in the team. JKLU students have always proved their mettle time and again through securing lucrative opportunities in the most prestigious companies of the country and beyond, and we are very hopeful that this success story is only going to get more illustrious in the future.

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