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Professors who made me a better version of myself- By Yagya Tiwari



I once applied for an MBA at this beautiful campus on the outskirts of Jaipur, Rajasthan. Before securing my enrollment, I went on a campus tour. I was overwhelmed as I embarked on a new adventure in a new city by myself. I’m from Kota, Rajasthan, and I’ve never been to this city, which is about 250 kilometres from my home!

It was a treat for my eyes to see such a lush green campus, and I had a feeling I’d be back here soon. I was overjoyed to see such welcoming professors who introduced me to the course, the atmosphere, the alumni, and how they differed from the others. I quickly replied, “Yes, I want to be a part of this University and all of the resources that they have for their students.” During my MBA journey, I met many professors who taught me that “whatever you do, do it with passion and love.” Prof. Sheetal Mundra, Ph.D. Economics, a merit holder, an ‘All Rounder’ awardee, Former Member – Research Team of ‘UK-India SME Knowledge Initiative’, sponsored by British Council under UKIERI, Awardee – Business Rankers, ‘Women Achievers Award 2020’ in the category of BEST PRACTICES IN EDUCATION was one such professor; she was a sweet, intelligent, and caring person who managed the entire class and was like a friend to us. She is always up to date and connects every example in a way that is simple to learn and remember.

Prof. Richa Mishra, Assistant Professor HROB| Assistant Director Centre for Communication and Critical Thinking| State President – Ethics Council WICCI, Jaipur, Member – Academy of Management | Indian Society for Training and Development | National Academy of Psychology (India) and Indian Society for Applied Behavioural Science, who always portrayed herself as “optimistic in all situations.” She is an expert in communication and critical thinking, and she has also assisted my class in managing their emotions and finding solutions to their problems. She was like a mentor to us, someone with whom you could share your stories and feel good afterwards. Her practical approach to life and understanding of people is what makes her the most amazing professor.

“You can and will do it.” Prof. Rani Laddha, Ex-Dean IIM is no longer a member of the University, but I have missed her since the day she left. Finance was not my cup of tea, but I never gave up, I tried every day, and she believed in me because of my resilience. She made me aware of my strengths and never said anything that would cause me to give up.

Prof. Jishnu Changkakoti, 10 years Experience – marketing, sales, and general management FMCG, OTC, Food and Contact lens industries, having worked in multiple countries across the world. He has worked with companies like Tarnea Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Zydus Wellness Ltd, Samsung India, Johnson & Johnson to name a few], a marketing industry expert, believed in “Hard Work & Smartwork.” His feedback style for individual and group assignments demonstrated his dedication to teaching as well as examples of industries that made Marketing fun to learn. His

classes were a mix of amazing video presentations and great brand stories. Case studies assisted me in resolving critical issues that businesses faced and how smartly they solved them using marketing skills.

Prof. Umamahesvaram Mandi, Associate Professor, Institute of Management | Former DGM and Group Head, Bennett Coleman and Co.Ltd. was a fantastic example of an exceptional personality who treated us like children and demonstrated that “nothing comes easily.” He would refer to me as his best buddy, which was extremely lovely of him, and he always acknowledged my efforts and assisted me in resolving my doubts.

“You should only know the fundamentals; the rest is just English.” Prof. Somraj Bhattacharjee an expert in B2B sales & marketing, with over a decade’s experience in marketing, sales, and strategy functions with reputed organizations in the metals industry and artificial intelligence/computer vision technology domains. Ex – Jindal Steels Vehant Technologies, JCAPCPL, etc., used to teach and share so many industry insights that everyone wanted to learn from him. His teaching style was fantastic. With dedication and hard work, he organized each lecture. He handles everything professionally and in a lighthearted manner. Service marketing was only a one-credit course with a total of ten classes, and I didn’t want to say goodbye because learning from him was an absolute joy.

My main motivation for enrolling in the MBA programme was to gain hands-on experience in the field of Digital Marketing. Prof. Rajesh Mandyam, another industry expert who has 24 years of experience in handling Sales & Business Development for Applications & Services across varied geographies. In-depth functional knowledge of the Banking & Payments Industry with skills to align regional realities with industry offerings including championing solutions and services into new markets. Words cannot express how grateful I was to have the opportunity to learn Advanced Digital Marketing from him. He’s funny, creative, and structured his sessions with plenty of resources and examples, making for an excellent learning experience. His classes were full of assignments, which helped me revise the concepts and determine how much I had grasped and where I had questions. He scheduled separate sessions for individual clarification and was also available by phone/WhatsApp. He worked hard with each of us to ensure that we understood the fundamentals and were prepared for our careers.

I thank them all for sharing their insights into their subjects in such a concise and clear manner, which is now assisting me in my job.

You’re all the best.