Management in the Era of Industry 4.0

ManagerFebruary 27, 2020
The term Industry 40 was coined by the German government in the year 2011 to make their industries more competitive (Thoben et al 2017) It is a collection of various technologies like additive manufacturing, IoT, CPS, data analytics, and augmented/virtual reality (Mittal et al 2017) The advent... read more

Communication is not mugging up but is creating the environment

ManagerFebruary 20, 2020
Often students come to me and ask if there is any short cut or crash course to learn a language Let me be more specific, since it concerns the Indian domestic students, it is about English And my answer to ‘em is ‘No’ When my students hear a NO, they get disappointed After all, it is a... read more

Design in Sustainable Development

ManagerFebruary 13, 2020
When we are deliberating on Innovations for sustainable development,  we are all aware that Design has an integral role to play In fact, Bruce Nussbaum, Editor of Business week, takes it a notch up by saying that “When people talk about INNOVATION in this decade, they really mean DESIGN" We... read more

Intelligent Automation

ManagerFebruary 5, 2020
It is often perceived that Automation, let alone Intelligent Automation is something of a pariah for a country like India with abundant availability of low cost manual labour However, we should understand that time and tide does not bother to care about employment opportunities for excessive... read more

Apprentice 4.0

ManagerJanuary 30, 2020
This project aims to present a speculative identity of a traditional Indian craftsman in the context of industry 40 The project ventures into domains of cyber-physical systems, machine learning, digital fabrication and remote prototyping to speculate upon a future where the maker space is augmented... read more
Demand good design!

Demand good design!

adminJune 29, 2019
Today is World Industrial Design Day (29th June) How does it change anything for you Let’s say, by now you have brushed your teeth, put on a kettle, had a cup of tea and showered That means you have been touched by the work of an industrial designer The toothbrush, the kettle, the coffee mug,... read more

Automation: what does it mean for you?

adminJune 28, 2019
In this century we have seen the emergence of many new technologies From Cloud Computing to the Internet of Things (IoT), it is challenging to keep pace with what is happening Jeff Dean, head of Google’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) division, stated this company is publishing close to 90... read more

Auto Design: The Tale of 2 Cars

adminJune 18, 2019
This article is authored by Prof A Balasubramaniam, Dean, Institute of Design, JK Lakshmipat University, and originally published in the Business World magazine One is fast, furious, and everything else a millionaire desires The other is economical, practical, adequately stylish and... read more


adminJune 7, 2019
This blog is authored by Prof A Balasubramaniam, Dean, Institute of Design, and originally authored in the UK’s iED Design has been an inherent part of everyday life in India The intricate embellishments on textiles, the detailed work on wooden architecture, the elaborate knowledge of... read more

Why Should BTech Aspirants choose JK Lakshmipat University, Jaipur?

adminMay 31, 2019
This article was originally authored by Prof Sanjay Goel on wwwgoelsanwordpresscom __________________________________________________________________ JK Lakshmipat University, Jaipur has undertaken a challenging project to create a new model of engineering education by challenging the... read more
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