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My Favourite Professor- By Anukriti Ojha

It all started a couple of years back when I graduated from IHM Bhopal and came to JK Lakshmipat University to pursue my Masters. I was unaware of the fact that the upcoming two years of my life are going to be an absolutely new experience. It was full of extremities with plethora of emotions and a rage to overcome every hurdle, keeping aside the backlashes, fights and hugging the precious one’s forever.

My life at JKLU was so subtle that I have no hesitation in glorifying about all the nicest people I met in this journey. There were many professors who taught us. I used to like a new professor every day, that’s how I am, bewildered and complicated. A short introduction about m. I am a mischievous and a jolly person and have different dynamics for my life. I can’t do things that are normal and that everyone loves to do. It was in my first year when I met this professor of mine of whom all my classmates were a little scared of. He didn’t allow anyone to have water in the middle of the class, we were supposed to have our tables clean. For most of them, he might be strict, but for me, He is my favorite professor. He is Dr. Ashwini Sharma.

Dr. Ashwini Sharma is the Assistant Director at Institute of Management, JKLU. He is the faculty in the area of IT/IS, Data Analytics and General Management. He has around two decades of experience in teaching, training, research and consulting. He was also associated with Container Corporation of India Limited for maintenance and enhancement of their information system. He is on the Board of Studies of a number of Institutes and has also been empanelled as a paper setter and examiner by number of Universities. To know more about him, you may visit the given link

Ashwini sir is perhaps one of the best Professors, mentors, I have ever come across. He was a vibe for me. He never judged me, never made me feel left out or a girl with no potential. There was a time when I lost hope in everything. I used to think, I am not extra ordinary with my studies. I don’t do things like others do. I am not much participative, still he always made me feel that I can do wonders in my life.

I remember, Tanya (my best friend) and I were sitting in class, lost in our own space. Ashwini sir was teaching us stats, he asked me to read out chapter loud in the class. I turned out to some other chapter and page and started reading. Everyone was looking at both of us and I couldn’t figure out what was going on. A few moments later I realized what blunder I made. Still, he was laughing, he just knew that I am not a bad student.

I remember he asked a tricky question to the class. I gave a very funny answer to it. Everyone laughed including me. It was Ashwini sir who told me in front of everyone that I have a unique out of the box thinking. I can do wonders in my life. When I got very less marks in finance, he asked me to focus on Human Resources as it was my favorite subject. He asked me to do a short winter internship in order to utilize my time. It is he who told me in front of everyone that an average student like me can do wonders in life. I have potential. In every step of my life at JKLU, he was

a constant support. Like guru Dronacharya was to Eklavya, Ashwini sir is to me. He might have not realized it but he doesn’t know what impact he has left on my life. I will always praise him. He is my favorite professor and I have been telling this to him rarely, but I mean it. Not with my words, but one day I will attain success in my life and that would be my gift to my professor.

Thank you, professor, for making my perception better for things around, indirectly guiding me for little things that go unnoticed and blooming my mindset. Thank you for everything. This one was for you.


Anukriti Ojha

Pinnacle MBA