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My Data Structure Course – a  Stepping Stone Towards a Software Development Career- By Prakhar Saxena
My Data Structure Course

As a programmer it is very necessary to understand the basic things going behind a code. Writing code is not the only thing which is required but the logic, algorithm, process behind that, and implementation of that algorithm is most required. With that it is also important to understand that the code which we write takes less time and less space or we can say the memory of our computer system. Basically, our code needs to be short, effective, and quick. Along with that organizing, managing, and storing data in the most efficient manner is necessary, so that one can apply relationships among them and can perform various operations on them. The knowledge which help a programmer to achieve all these things is DATA STRUCTURE as it provides a set of techniques which can handle the date very efficiently. With this one can write the code in any programming language as what requires behind that is pre-defined algorithmic techniques.  In my course of Data Structure in 3rd semester, I learned so many basic and most important things which I think without that course would be very difficult for me to understand them. In the course we first learned about types of data structure, i.e., Linear and Non-Linear and various operations that can be performed on data(s) like Insertion, Deletion, Searching, Sorting, Merging and Traversal. Then for each type we appliedall operations on them and learned the basic algorithm behind them for each case, and then we implement all these things on IDE. This topic is so vast that its subtopics give rise to various important topics. Many important topics includes, Stack implementation, Binary Search tree, Infix, postfix, prefix, Time and space complexity, Preorder, Post order, Inorder, Graph, Minimum Spamming Tree, Prism’s and Kruskal’s algorithm.A programmer having knowledge of implementing all these topics lead to a step closer to become a good programmer. After fourth semester this course motivated me to go for internship and finally I am happy that I am going for internship.

Prakhar Saxena


Bachelor of Technology

Computer Science Engineer

Batch: 2019-23