Multidisciplinary Approach is the Key to Pragmatic Management Education

Multidisciplinary Approach is the Key to Pragmatic Management Education

Management education is one of the most in-vogue areas of study in the current times. Thanks to the current rate of globalization and privatization, this is one degree whose value is only going to soar higher and higher in the times to come. Thus, it is quite natural that individuals with dreams of bright future and the zeal to thrive in a challenging work environment are increasingly opting for management studies. But in order to really ensure an upbeat career path for you, getting just another management degree would not do much good. It is important to opt for a B-school that takes into account the latest trends in management studies and builds up the students’ acumen accordingly. One of the many trends that have shown results in the past few years is that of taking a multidisciplinary approach to management education.

To give you a brief idea of what entails a multidisciplinary approach, it is the kind of study that allows the students to learn better by helping them to make the connection between various ideas and concepts across different disciplines of study. It has been proved that students who are taught this way are better able to apply the learnings gained from one discipline to another and in turn gain a better, deeper learning experience. When you are the part of such a wide-reaching area of study like that of the management education, it goes without saying that sticking to just one direction of study is never going to help you make the cut, and this is exactly why the multidisciplinary approach is the current need of the hour.

The duties of a manager are not limited to only one area of business, and it is best to think of him/her as a supervisor of more than one teams from multiple departments. In such a scenario, if he or she sticks to just the core area of the study, the manager is more likely to fail to understand the issues and concerns of the different departments that he/she has to manage. Thus, a brief idea of the major disciplines concerning a business can ultimately help aiding the manager in the smooth running of the day to day affairs and even in the handling of any major issues that might pop up every now and then.

A manager is essentially a troubleshooter for the company and the more disciplines one can imbibe the knowledge from, the better honed one’s problem-solving skills are. Think of it as a way of looking at the same problem from more than one perspective. You will need to have one-track thinking of solving the issue, and rather you get to think of more than one possible ways of dealing with a situation.

The multidisciplinary approach also aids in the improvement of critical thinking skills of a student. It lets the management student to look across the boundaries of his or her own discipline and take into account other viewpoints needed to begin the comparison and contrast of concepts across the diverse subject areas. You can think of it as a way of consolidation of learning by synthesis of ideas brought from different perspectives. It is no longer held as an alternative way of acquiring knowledge. From the management education point of view, it is rather a realistic way of refining the students and making sure that their skills have a practical base to it.

You will get to understand how useful the interdisciplinary tactics can be when you enter into the world of business through internships. The skills that you imbibe through this method of learning, for instance, the communication, analysis, and critical thinking measures, stay with you for a lifetime and continually help you in dealing with the challenges at the workplace. You can think of multidisciplinary learning as a powerful tool in your arsenal that increases your preparedness in any situation that you are put to.

We, at the JK Lakshmipat University, have the multidisciplinary approach as one of the major parts of our Pinnacle MBA program. The MBA program is a unique program that has been designed and planned by the experts of the industry. We believe that every student should have the opportunity of overall professional and personal development and the multidisciplinary approach adopted by us is a step in that direction. Several new generation themes have been put to work in our curriculum, and the courses draw relevantly from Artificial Intelligence, design thinking, data sciences, automation, economics, comparative politics, sociology, and so on. This way we are successfully providing each student with the lifetime opportunity to experiment, network, create and apply.

In the modern business arena, things like artificial intelligence and the internet of things are changing the work environment in more ways than one. As such, only those professionals who have good knowledge of these concepts along with his/her fundamental area of study can go far ahead in climbing the ladder of success in the professional realm. Our robust, industry-centric curriculum at the JKLU ensures that our students get the opportunity to amalgamate and coordinate the different disciplines leading to a wholesome growth of these budding managers.

In the nutshell, we believe there is no point in toiling and hustling in a management course if you find yourself lost and fumbling when left to deal with the real-world scenario. That is one problem that our management program with the emphasis on multidisciplinary learning has taken care of. Add to that our experiential project-based learning in which the students get to take part in various live and capstone projects and you have in your hand a management course that makes you future ready in the truest sense of the term.

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