MBA at JKLU – It’s More than Just a Degree!

MBA at JKLU – It’s More than Just a Degree!

One of the many professional degrees that have stood the test of time, in the matter of applicability, is the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program. The program has as much of relevance now as it had some ten years back. In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to say that in a growing economy like India, the course has a definite need to further the country’s business prospects. With so many new companies and ventures opening up in the nation, there is indeed a rising requirement for trained professionals in the domain. Besides, the present economy is the time of start-ups, and it goes without saying that for starting any business on your own, the knowledge and acumen provided by the degree come as a huge advantage.

Going Beyond the Academics

The MBA program at the J.K. Lakshmipat University has been made keeping all the critical and essential factors in mind, and this is what makes us highly committed towards bringing out the most talented batch of the budding businesspersons every year. What makes our course unique is that we focus on not just the academics but the overall development of expertise of each student. We believe that the academics can fetch you good marks and a degree but for the tough world of business out there, you need more than just a degree in your hand.

A Carefully Constructed Program

Our MBA program wins over others in the way it has been crafted with care by the top experts in the industry. We have brought professionals from management studies, industry insiders, and businessperson to curate our MBA program. With their years of experience, they have ensured that the courses are the perfect amalgamation of academics and experimentation. The program has been designed in such a manner that it inspires the students to not just mug up the theories but to explore the knowledge to the best of their abilities.

Opportunity to Learn from the Experts

Our faculty has an experience of years when it comes to training and preparing students. Apart from the highly qualified permanent faculty, we also invite some of the most revered professors as visiting lecturers to the university to ensure that students get that extra bit of support in their learning. The mentors believe in showing the apt pathway to the students in order to not just make them proficient in all arenas of business but also to help grow their personality. For an entrant in the world of business, a lot of the day today jobs entail problem solving and handling the tough challenges with ease. For being top notch at the job, students need to necessarily have the determination and mindset of an entrepreneur. Getting the students ready for all of that is not done in a day. It is the aim of the mentors to gradually inculcate that into the minds of the students through the progression of the course.

Imbibing the Knowledge Hands-On

The MBA Pinnacle program at JKLU spans over the time of two years during which the students are not only showered with high impact academic learning but are also empowered with the approach of learning hands-on. We believe that the real world know-how is important for the students to find a solid foothold when they enter into the actual world of trade and business. We hence regularly organize seminars and workshops for the benefit of our students with the participation of some of the well-respected professionals currently working in the field. Our belief is that when the students freely interact with such stalwarts, their insights develop and the horizons broaden. This is very significant as after just a span of two years they are going to step into the world of jobs where this knowledge and exposure will serve as an important foundation that they can rely upon.

Multidisciplinary Approach

The fact of the matter is that when a student trained with an MBA degree enters the job market, he/she is expected to handle a lot of responsibilities, and no wonder these responsibilities sometimes even go beyond his/her exact area of expertise. As already mentioned earlier, management is more of a practical-based field and there is no way you can draw boundaries on the responsibility of a business professional. Keeping that in mind, we provide the students with the flexibility to gain knowledge from other courses too, like Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, and others.

We take pride in having as many as 53 world-class laboratories, spanning all disciplines, in our premises where the management students can also get to work under the guidance of our eminent mentors.

We believe that the fire to learn and be the best of the rest is something that must come from within each student. Our job, as one of the most reputed management universities in the country, is to stroke that fire to ensure that our students shine the brightest. The evidence of success lies in the fact that the successful pass-outs from our university are all presently employed in some of the highly sought-after national and international companies worldwide. We can proudly say that a degree in management from the J.K. Lakshmipat University is not just another degree – it is indeed the stepping stone to an upbeat career.

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