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JKLU – Making Students Life Ready

Education is the most crucial wheel of life. It starts spinning when an individual takes birth and only stops spinning when the individual has breathed their last. Thus one can say that education and knowledge is a lifelong process that goes on and on and there is no hard limit to the amount of education one can gather throughout their lifetime. We at J.K. Lakshmipat University aim to fulfill that lifelong thirst for knowledge of our students by not only preparing them for life ahead but also imparting the practical sense of knowledge and making them ready to tread the uneasy and winding path ahead.

The courses offered by us here at J.K. Lakshmipat University is imparted by world-class faculty and recognized by international standards. The education and knowledge given through these courses can be of vital importance for the student for their career life ahead hence the faculty takes special care of the students.

Management skills

The management course offered by us at J.K. Lakshmipat University follows the international syllabus for management. The aim of the management course is to enhance the managing skills of the students and even currently working professionals who are currently employed. The students are trained in such a way so that they become more confident in their approach and can improve their managerial skills so that they can substantial gains at their workplace. But at the same time, the aim of the course is to make the managers transform themselves into better future leaders. These effective managers can also be a shining example for all the current batch of students and a good employee at their workplace.

Decision Making

 Another aim of the management course offered at J.K. Lakshmipat University by us is to train the students in the vital field of decision making. As a manager of any organization, one would be required to commit to certain decisions which can be very important or very trivial to the workings and the flow of the business. Thus the aim of the course is also to impart the importance of decision making and train the students in such a practical manner along with the use of case studies which can help the students realize the depth and the extent of that particular decision on the workings of the company.

Problem Solving

Another key skill managers need to have in their ever-expanding list of skills is the analytical part and solution of problems. Too often than not personnel working as managers work way too hard to solve a problem at hand. They exert too much effort in their mind trying to outrun the problem rather than solving them head-on. This makes the problem only appear bigger later on. The best way to deal with the problem which will also be taught at our institution is to deal with the problem in a calm and composed manner. After giving a deep thought about the problem, one can look at the issue from different angles and can come to a viable solution.

Stress Management

The management course offered by our faculty at J.K. Lakshmipat University also consists of stress management as its part. Since managers have the responsibly of the entire organization and its working on their shoulder, naturally they suffer from too much stress which can make it quite difficult for them to work for long hours overtime as their efficiency decreases over time dues to the excessive stress because of the nature of the job.

 Due to excessive stress in their workplace, the manager working over there can become anxious and become host to various forms of negative emotions making it quite difficult to work efficiently. At our university, the students would be imparted education and knowledge regarding the management of stress and how to keep it under control. Ineffective management of pressure can lead to disruption of the usual business workings. As no organization can afford to have managers or employees who can succumb to stress and its associated negative feelings easily.

Goal Setting

It is a known fact that no organization can survive in the long run if they have not set a goal for their team. Goals are vital to companies and especially to managers. The setup of goals gives something which the mangers and the employees continuously strive towards. But it is also essential for the managers to set up an attainable target which can be reached. We at J.K. Lakshmipat University know how important a goal is for any organization. Hence we conduct special classes that train the upcoming managers regarding the job of setting up goals and make sure that the students get a good knowledge of goal setting and how to achieve the desired target.  At the same time, students are also taught the importance of motivation and how important it is to achieve their goals. Thus motivation and goal setting go hand in hand.