Grow into Business Problem Solvers with JKLU’s Pinnacle MBA Program

Grow into Business Problem Solvers with JKLU’s Pinnacle MBA Program

The corporate world is growing complicated by the day with the advent of more challenges and the development of advanced technologies. In such a scenario, it is important to bring out highly competent individuals who are skilled enough to emerge as champions in all the challenges they face at work. Creating such brilliant individuals is not an easy task to accomplish, and it needs some equally brilliant minds working together to create the efficient business administrators of tomorrow.

We, at the J.K. Lakshmipat University, have been acing the task of bringing out the best of the business managers and administrators every year with the help of our Pinnacle MBA Program. The Pinnacle MBA Program at JKLU has been given shape by some of the best minds in the business arena. The aim of the program is to encourage creative thinking and help the students to realize their full potential to make them the problem solvers that the businesses of today need. The programme is two years, full-time, a residential course where the focus is on the development of an entrepreneurial mindset that is based on academics and well-versed in the practical scenarios.

Here are the top pointers that make the Pinnacle MBA program at JKLU one of the best management programs today that help aspirants grow into efficient problem solvers in the future business world.

The Wholesome Curriculum

The curriculum is the real winner when it comes to the JKLU’s MBA program. The pinnacle program is the perfect amalgamation of personal development, management studies, and liberal arts. The idea is to make the students well-versed in all the arenas of business administrations. Both academic and practical know-how imparted to the students make them ready to emerge as troubleshooters for any organization that they enter into in the future. We believe that business management is one of those branches of educational training that covers a wide area of expertise and having just a single track of knowledge will never suffice. Our advanced course includes automation, data sciences, Artificial Intelligence, and much more.

The Experienced Faculty

After the curriculum, the focus must come over to the people who give the curriculum the top-notch quality it has. The mentors and faculty are some of the most renowned names in the business. They have been in the teaching profession and in the actual business world for years to know all about the real world scenario. Their valuable inputs have made the curriculum one of the best that one can hope for. They are the ones who have faced the actual problems and emerged victoriously. The assignments and situations that they offer the students are all meant to make sure that they are prepared to meet the tests and trials when they turn into professionals. There is personal mentorship provided to each and every student to see to it that there is no hindrance to their complete development.

The Freedom to Experiment and Explore

The earlier methods and ways of running the businesses are increasingly becoming redundant. The better the methods and processes that you can come up with, the more are your chances of survival in this highly competitive business world. We encourage creative thinking and experiments in our students. They are given the opportunity to work on live and capstone projects which can hone their managerial skills even further. Projects based learning is the way forward when it comes to professional courses like MBA. The more adept you are with the real world situations, the more beneficial it is for you. Let us look at it this way – when Plan A is something that everyone has tried and is becoming redundant as time passes, the value of an employee rises when he/she can be the one to come up with a well thought out Plan B.

Inculcating Leadership Skills

The part and parcel of having problem-solving skills is the presence of leadership qualities. The leaders are the ones that the company relies upon and the other employees look up to. To be that person in the company, your training must begin early on. We provide a number of self-assessment technologies and tools to the students to make them discover the leader within themselves. Our mentors at JKLU believe that an individual must learn to lead himself/herself first, before being a leader to the others. Our projects, debates, presentations, and courses are all aimed at inculcating this essential skill among the students.

The success of our program can be well understood by the rate of placement of our students ever since the initiation of the course. It is not just about the rate of placement but also the fact that the top-rated national and multinational companies are the current employers of our alumni. The skills and knowledge that we impart to these future professionals serve to be like a guiding light in their work life. We take pride in bringing out some of the best MBA graduates every year who are capable enough to provide a further boost to the trade and commerce of the country.

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